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  1. Hey, I'm kind of at a loss for what's going on and would appreciate some help. I've not been logging on much at all so I'm not in a big-big rush...but I would like to understand what I'm not catching as soon as possible so I'll know whether or not I need to make some more [annoying] phone calls to get it resolved. Basically, just recently I had to reinstall my OS as I had another virus attack, apparently. I ended up doing it myself as I didn't want to wait another day to hear from Dell so we had another [ridiculously] long chat the day after about whether I'd done everything okay, as I'm sadly not a super smart computer nerd. Anyway, I brought up the fact that SL would not load up - that it would crash soon after I'd try to start it - and, well, after more than 4 hours, I was finally told that everything about my system seemed fine. That is wasn't a problem on their end. I guess all that had needed doing was my graphics card needed updating, I think, but that supposedly wasn't part of the problem. I have tried the 'official' SL viewer, the BETA, and have just tried Firestorm. None work. When I try to run the program, it starts loading up, but then just as quickly poofs, and I just cannot figure out why. Can someone please give me some suggestions? I had thought it might have to do with my security program(s) blocking it? They told me it wasn't this, either. I would just like an idea, because as well as this happening for the first time, I'm no longer able to play games on FB, and hadn't had that problem before this whole reinstall thing. It just makes me wonder if they're related in some way. =) Thanks in advance for your time. Edit: ...I don't understand how someone can actually have their question answered if you cannot even reply to responses. @Cinn, hey, thanks a lot. I tried all of those things and am still having both issues. I got all excited because I realised that I actually hadn't installed Quicktime on here yet after the OS reinstall - had thought that could be the culprit - but, no. It's all just the same. Really plain confused. --- @Cinn, LOL, I've not done this whole forums thing for a good while, so I guess I'm a little behind as far as how it all works. Hadn't realised I'd get so much help. =) But um, yeah, the Facebook games are still not working, either. @Ansariel, I've created the log - just need to do the sending bit. Appreciate the idea! @Innula, hiya. I did the OS and driver reinstall myself, but had Dell do the remote assistance thing where they take control of your laptop. They checked to be sure everything was there and updated. Ended up updating the graphics driver for me, I think. Might go through all of them again to make sure they're all up to date. OS is Windows 7, though. @Peggy =( I actually wanted to do the Factory Re-install or whatnot, but was told that I could not. The option was no longer available, because of the 'virus'. Now that I think about it, it's quite possible that I've ruined my laptop again as this is not the first time I've been 'attacked' and no longer had that option. Ironically, I think my hardware guarantee is about to run out. Perhaps the tech realised this and was just wanting to fob it off as being a problem with SL and not my laptop to waste time. The tech had me wipe the drives. I'm pretty sure of this, as I spent a whole day backing up all of my files and such onto an external drive. Thanks for the help!
  2. Does anyone know if there's some sort of chart or whatnot somewhere as far as to what viewers are the least taxing on one's machine? So which one's best as far as not causing your machine to over-heat, but also in not giving you [too] ugly graphics? Kind of for example, iTunes uses a lot more juice than the VLC player does. Does that make sense? I guess the graphics card in my last laptop...well, it stopped working, and basically it was difficult to deal with, aside from the money and such. So now I'm a bit paranoid. I spent a lot on my new one in hopes that it'd be better able to handle SL, etc, but still would like to be careful. Just curious to know if anything like this is out there. It'd save me the hassle of having to install/uninstall all of them. Thank you!
  3. Hello, I've been away from SL for quite a long time over the past year, only logging in every couple of months or so, if that really, to clear out all of the junk you tend to gather while you're away, ie. IMs, group notices, etc. I am feeling a bit behind with the new viewer now to say the least.. Just recently I realised that a particular person and their alts seem to be acting odd in my list and I'm basically just confused as to what's going on. They removed one of their avatars (Or maybe she deleted it. I don't know.), but the other two are still there. However when I try to view their profile, it says, 'This name is unavailable.' One profile appears to have a picture, and the other does not, are on my list, but all I can see is this message when I click on them to view their profile. Can anyone explain this to me? Is it a glitch? I removed one of my own alts from my main to see if it was normal, but once I did that, the same thing certainly didn't happen - there was a complete break on both parts. Does 'This name is unavailable.' mean that they've blocked me from seeing their profile or something? If you could spare me the awkwardness of having to ask, that'd be awesome. Thanks. Edit: I have seriously been gone for too long. We can't even reply to one another anymore. I did consider that as well, but I'm talking about inworld - you have the option to allow everyone, even outside of SL, to see your business, or just your friends and that's it. I've just had another thought, though - by that do you mean that top part? The Feed? I'm not trying to sound like a psycho-stalker - far from it! I just want to be sure it's not a case of her having tried to delete me and it didn't work. Thanks for the help!
  4. Thanks to all of you! I'm so grateful. I really am. It'd only been there for a few hours but it drove me crazy with worry. LOL. Thanks and take care. =)
  5. I'll try to make this short. Today I was messing around and 'built' a tree, accidentally...sort of. It ended up right by the door of my place. It's ugly, looks dumb, and I just don't want it there. Can anyone help/tell me how I can go about getting rid of it? I've tried clicking it. I can't select it. It's one of those ugly (Sorry, but they are in comparison to what I've seen in my time being here, LOL. I mean no offense to the creators.) Linden Money tree...trees. I'm not lazy. There are just so many clicks I can make until I feel that I need to just give up. I'd really, really appreciate some pointers, or anything, really. Thanks much, A disgruntled kitten~
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