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  1. Why people should tolerate Viewer 2.x: Second Life will thrive best if it can recruit a wide range of users. Speaking as someone who uses Second Life for teaching rather than purely entertainment purposes, the shared media capabilities of 2.x are such a useful improvement over 1.x that it's worth hanging in there with 2.x whle the bugs get worked out, and even worth tolerating a less-than-optimal user interface. Additionally, while not critical, display names are useful because they help me keep track of who is and isn't in my class, and who the individual students are in "real life."
  2. Actually it's not that. The display of "???" instead of a name. Comes and goes in the following manner: Sometimes my own name appears to me as ???. Then, maybe after 10 minutes, it "megically" changes to what it is supposed to be. Also, sometimes EVERY person in my friends list has the name, "???" Again, this comes and goes. When the problem "magically resolves itself, all of my friends names appear correctly--all at the same time.
  3. Version 2.4 is much less stable, for me, than was the previous 2.x version. Version 2.4 often shows question marks instead of real name tags. And teleport often forces a logout. (Windows XP sp3; Dell Latitude E4310).
  4. Wow. It looks like that particular batch file you've found is written so that it really should work! But I did some reading-up on it--specifically, the batch file commands. What I learned is that it may or may not find the correct spot on the C drive where the user settings are saved, depending on whether you're using XP or Vista, and on how your system is configured. And who knows what will happen with Windows 7. So I'll call the question possed n this particular threat "Answered." That said, I'm not sure I want to distribute a solution to my students that's likely to be suituation-dependent.
  5. Actually, I'm having a lot of trouble seeing how what you've done could actually work. Maybe we're talking past each other, but remember that my original question wasn't just asking how to run Second Life from a flash drive. You don't need any special script to do that. Just install the viewer to the flash drive rather than the c drive. Then go into the SecondLife folder, on the flash drive and double-click the SecondLife.exe file. As fas as I can see, all the PSU script (below) does is to automatically remove files (once you close secondlife) that cause grief for the particular network/authen
  6. Note: I should not have marked this thread "answered" and I don't know how to change it from "answered" to unanswered. The settings still aren't saving to the flash drive, and the problem is this. The --settings switch lets you change the name of the file, but not the path were it's stored. It's always stored a few layers down in the "documents and settings" on the C drive. The next thing I'm going to try is writing a batch file that, when Second Life closes, automatically copies the settings file from the C drive to the flash drive. Then when Second Life is launged again, the batch file wil
  7. It looks like it's not necessary to write the -cache- to the flash drive. Writing it to the normal spot on the c drive is fine. The user settings are separate from the cache.
  8. Well, using the --settings parameter within a shortcut almost works. The problem is that Windows xp doesn't allow shortcuts to specify relative as opposed to absolute file paths. But since the drive letter for the flash drive can vary across machines, the shortcut (which contains the parameter that writes the SL user settings to the flash drive rather than the c drive) will sometimes fail to work.
  9. Yes, I can see how speed might be a problem (changing the parameter settings to store user settings on the flash drive). But flash drives have gotten faster, so it might work better now. I will try this approach. Thanks.
  10. Ubuntu and mlink are good ideas to. But the reason I want to have students run SL from a flash drive is that neither I nor my students has administrative privilages on the various lab computers. And tech support does not wnat to put SL on them because of frequent required updates. And of course, I can't reconfigure the computers to boot from a flash drive or to do an mlink.
  11. The cache settings idea is a good suggestion. But of course, the reason for running sL on a flash drive is that the user will be running it on multiple computers will may have different drive letters for the usb flash drive. Is it possible to set the SL cache location so that it's, by default, the drive and directory form which the viewer is currently running? Or is it possible to write something like a batch file so that the cache could be in a stardard location on the c drive, but then copied to the flash drive upon exiting the viewer, and then copied to the standard c location again upon re
  12. I've already figured out a way to run SL from a flash drive, plugged into a Microsoft Windows computer, but all info is lost if the user closes the viewer, moves to a new machine, and starts the viewer. I would like to make Second Life easier for my student to access and use by allowing them to install Second Life on a flash drive (for use with a Microsoft Windows computer) but in a way that stores all custom user data and settings on the flash drive so it isn't lost (1) Is this possible? If so, how? (2) If it's not possible now, is it something that's being worked on, or should I just give up
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