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  1. No.. there should just be a 'LIKE' or 'Recomended' button,,,but no dislike So if it'd good it gets lots of recomentations.. ( and no chance to grief.) Simple
  2. If a product gets a 1 star review while on page 1 a hidden reply is going to be litte help to the merchant if it falls to page 50 . (nobody reads bad reviews they just move on ) In my experiance many bad reviews are mysteriosly made by people who you never see online again. One guy did reply however when I asked "Why didn't you IM me ? ......."I don't know how" said he. Is a one star review ever justified ?
  3. None deveries from my Marketplace store run at about 1 in 50 None deliveries from my mainstore in-world are about the same if not higher This runs true with my buying experiance too. yes they happen but still rare.
  4. I feel for you.. In my experience to say that if this person is doing it they must be stupid totally underestimates the kind of people there are in SL ( thankfully very very rare ) But once in a while you get reminded that the guy who rapes grandmothers and the kids who set fire to kittens are in here too. Filing false claims may seem insane ..but some people REALLY are insane. Never underestimate the depths some people will stoop too .. If they can, they will, for reason utterly beyond comprehension. Good luck ..
  5. Small point but these days important .. If you can't find the product dispayed in worrld it's probably an indication the person has left SL and left their products to sell on the marketplace. I know many do this these days and It's so frustrating if complex things are sold without support. Maybe builders should be required to have a store in world to qualify for the marketplace.. just a thought..
  6. How strange .. I give prim counts and dimentions .. Show all my builds in-world ( not in rezzer things ,, hate them ) and even give away footprint rezzers.. Please come see I thought that what all builders did.
  7. OMG where do I start.. It's not rocket science I've owned or set up three very busy 'hang outs' ( still going .. But do you want this . really ?.. Consider a few things .. A, it won't make you any money for the time you put in compated to setting up a business which will actually get you fans and so you'll never be short of friendly likeminded people to talk to. B,Owning a busy club will bring you more tears than smiles. Like all big club owners you can expect a contuinual torrent of abuse from the people you have to ban and living as a target is'nt perhaps what you want. C, forget having friends. You'll find yourself ignoring them to sort issues with people who demand you sort out their issues. D, If you get a great idea and work very hard to make it work expect the name and idea copied and rival owners to come and steal your hard won traffic Basicly start a club and spend your time with people who hate you or a business and have friends and loving fans. I know most of the top sim owners and they'll all tell you the same .. Clubs look great from the outsde .. but behind it is some poor fool taking the blame for it. I know a few happy ones but they sold them lol This for me is the real tradgedy of SL .. the very thing that should be supported by LL to bring in new people is basicly thrown to the wolves. Even a beautiful sim like Apollo was just not worth saving ..*sigh*
  8. I'd do 2 things to cross reference.. A.. Ask for the version number that only appears in the box . If they havent bought it then it's not easy to quote. ( if you don't do this you might consider it.. add a number into the description field or a date. B, I ask them to show me the item in world and check the owner. I can also check the vendors but only in world.
  9. I think search is terminally broken . You can't find anything now . Try searching castles and all you get is sex beds.. I'm sure the marketplace is hemorrhaging customers who just can't find anything .. Even by specific name today..
  10. I bought a very expencive building that was no mod and it made it near enough unusable so since I started I've sold all my builds copy / mod.. This has a very positive effect when you sell a large number of one build. Nobody sees the same thing everywhere .. People love to make my builds 'their own' and thats very important . Most of my builds are way to complex to modifiy too much but people love to have the freedom to play. No mod builds are just annnoying I never bought another. and I would have if they'd been mod.. Oh just a minute .. NO i recomend all builders to make their builds no mod ,,lol
  11. Just make sex beds ,.. They go in any catagory unhindered .. top castle, top house, top jewellery.. you search anything you'll prolly find a sex bed is the best selling item.. Isn't it time sex beds had their own catyagory ?
  12. *sigh * first rule of business. never form partnerships.. ( the second I've never been told but probably never trust anyone who says...' trust me ' ..
  13. "People like rules. They like to have a guiding hand. That provides a sense of comfort." They do ? .. Rules are never read by people who would ignore them and read by people who don't need them. It's incredbily dificult to NOT write a huge set of rules for sim but much beyond 'LL terms and conditions will be enforced" ther's no reason for them other than to give bored admin some excuse for flattering their egos. Write a background story / sim guide .. far less patronising .. your not running a day care center.
  14. Hi.. The turnover of RP sims is breathtaking in SL .. one closes in Gor alone every day and another opens. The average RP sim I would give 6 weeks for various reasons .. If you can't afford to pay the tier for at least 5 months without a market support then ..Rp on somebody elses sim .. It's cheeper and more fun.. What really concerns me about your idea is it's complexity.. If you can't descrbe your idea in 3 words then almost nobody will 'get it' (( very sad but true )).. Also unlike EG Gor there are no huge groups to advertise yourt sim in. this is a problem most RP sims face as even fantasy sim are nowhere near as orgabnisied as they could be. Making a unique sim is great but you're on your own. Cheepest way to test this is to gather group . If you can find 100 people interested enough to join a group then you have a chance .. ( a busy sim needs about 10 000 people who visit a month minimum to remain busy 24 / 7.. top 10 sims have around 50000 unique visitors a month. If that hasn't put you off ..Good luck .. Personaly I wonder why anyone would want to own a sim when you can RP on other sims.. but then again I've launched 8 sims now into 30k plus so I'm a fool to myself lol... ( yes and 2 now in the top 10 )
  15. If you can make something and create a sucessfull store you'll be earning 10 x more than if you spent the same time managing the busiest, most sucsessful club in SL. My advise .. learn to script or build.. there's NO money in managing clubs, malls or markets in SL even if you own them.
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