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  1. in blender what should i do exactey to make minir verts?
  2. none can help me?:matte-motes-crying:
  3. sorry!here it is the problem i get..i hope you can help me:) http://i50.tinypic.com/35lsvtv.jpg
  4. HI! i'm making a pants with Marvelous Designer and i don t know why,when i rig it in blender,the inner legs comes sticked..how can i solve this problem?Please explain it to me in a very simple way if you can,because i'm not much expert about meshes,thanks a lot!
  5. mmmm i tyied to full render the uv but it comes too much darker...then after that,how can i fit it to the dress?
  6. hello everybody:matte-motes-asleep-2: i made a dress with Marvelous designer,and now i got the .obj file. I need to create the shadow map,with blender,but i have no idea of the way to make it!Could somone help me please?Thanks!
  7. hello everybody! i need help...i'm a merchant and i'm sell a christmas template for designers on marketplace. In this template is included a hat,made by another creator who is setted as my co-owner and he gets 7% for each sale of that template. A customer bought this template and without before contact me,wrote a bad and offensive review saying i stole that hat!This isn't true,please,how can i delete that review?
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