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  1. Du kanns wirklich machen was du willst. Bist du der meister oder nicht?:smileyhappy:
  2. valerie Inshan wrote: rotpaulette Carter wrote: Face de bouc, is a tupperware pyramid:smileyhappy: Face de bouc !!! HAHAHA !!!! Génial, Rot ! Genial ton smiley aussi, bisous
  3. Les spammers sont de retour. n achetez rien ,vous ne reverriez plus votre argent.
  4. Nee, leider keine subforum, snif snif. A big hug to you too Suspiria:smileyvery-happy:
  5. And what about the international forum kind Lady?:smileyvery-happy:
  6. Je le savais, Wilhiam, bonne continuation alors:smileyhappy:
  7. Question pouvant etre indiscrete:smileyhappy: Comment gagnez vous votre vie sur SL?
  8. Bon,je repond pour voir /me sourit, Coucou, bonjour a toutes et a tous:smileytongue:
  9. Maybe a conspiracy again french?:robotwink:
  10. Looking in my purse to find some kudos for Storm, beautiful sarcastic post. Why in hell i did not find this one? Am i getting old? Thank you again Storm for the laughs.
  11. Very impressive ,Suspiria:smileyhappy:
  12. Loki just said *when the mods come back from week end, they will fix it* and SL said the forum is moderate 24/7 . So if the mods take the WE free, we have no moderation 24/7:smileyhappy:
  13. Bonsoir, si ce sont des vetements, porte les,et ensuite ,save les encores
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