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  1. Break up via offline IM. Send him the prim dog and keep the prim babies. Unpartner and mute him. AR him repeatedly if he stalks you with an army of alts. That's pretty much it.
  2. I use the Yahoo instant messenger to keep in touch with my SL friends. Unlike Facebook, Yahoo does not spy on me, it doesn't track my browsing habits, and it doesn't require me to sign up with my RL name. And even if I do, Yahoo won't share this information with every yahoo on the internet. Plus, Yahoo IM wasn't developed by some antisocial kid with the emotional range of a sea cucumber and the business ethics of a tapeworm.
  3. It contained seven bleeps, for Cthulhu's sake. Now we can't even post **bleep** anymore for comical effect? Screw this, I'm out of here. Way to make people want to contribute to the SL community in this forum.
  4. You can disable this in Phoenix under Preferences --> Phoenix --> tab "Page 1" --> tab "TP/Login" --> Disable Login Progress Screen. If you use a Linden viewer, you could delete the image file instead. It is located in the same folder as your chat- and IM logs. On Windows 7 or Vista systems, this is usually C:\Users\*your user account name*\AppData\Roaming\SecondLife\*your SL account name*\screen_last.bmp The first and last name of your SL account are separated by an underscore ( _ ). So if your Windows login name was Baconsandwich, the screen_last.bmp would be in C:\Users\Bac
  5. Heart Brimmer wrote: Hi Domitan. I don't believe there is since that is the screen shot of your last location. But, perhaps someone more knowledgeable then I am might know something different. I'm only replying to you to find out your name It's hard to read on the black forum badge.
  6. Prokofy Neva wrote: I think people who have their established posse in SL already should use offworld forums for reinforcing their posse, and not try to exploit the SL forums for this purpose, especially when their posses aren't open to recruit new residents, members, advisors, contributors, helpers, or VIPs. FIFY (Let's stay rank-inclusive, shall we? This is not India, where people are expected to socialize only within their own caste).
  7. Suspiria Finucane wrote: Fortunately for us, evil is easy to spot. It is very easy to spot indeed The problem is that everybody spots it in different places and different people.
  8. It's probably because the item contains no-mod scripts. It will show as +mod if you rez it and as no-mod in your inventory, but you can usually still modify it when worn. The only drawback is that you can't rename the item in your inventory.
  9. tl;dr. If you want anyone to read that wall of text, you should add some line breaks.
  10. All Dutch people that I ever met were able to communicate in English. Besides, take a look at the German boards. Germans are one of the largest non-English communities in SL, and their subforum is pretty much empty. There are only five short threads that weren't started by a Linden. With the exception of the Spanish forum, the other international forums are even more void of content. Do we really need yet another forum with two lonely threads in it?
  11. Cori Sabena wrote: No problem I said in my descriptions if Disney did not like me selling it I will stop. I think you can be pretty certain that Disney won't like it and will have a problem with you if you use their trademarks without their permission. Cori Sabena wrote: You know if all the intelectual property was removed from SL. Linden might lose most of it's income. No. Most SL content is original and legal. Cori Sabena wrote: Is it possible to get permission from Disney? Yes, if you're prepared to pay their license fees. That's a lot of L$ that you have to e
  12. Patricia Mattercaster wrote: Please limit threads, the spam is ruining the forum! I love these forums, don't let them be ruined please. Alternatively, LL could give us the 24/7 moderation that was promised for the forums. At this point, I'd even be glad if they brought back resmods.
  13. Cato Badger wrote: @Ishtara: I can't believe that you are advising people to avoid stress! Here! In the official SL forums! Where you yourself have been exposing yourself to manifold stresses for the last year or so at least! Get on that exercise bike and get out of these forums NOW! For your own good! Cato PS Apologies for all those potentially stress inducing exclamation marks. I have been told that I don't suffer from stress but I am a carrier of the disease. Sorry! It wasn't really stressful for the most part. In fact, I find heated debates to be quite relaxing
  14. Pamela Galli wrote: @ Ishtara: Well I am flabbergasted (and impressed)-- yes, whoever markets this thing will become a billionaire many times over. Why not you? Perhaps not a billionaire, but I'm quite sure that there is money in the idea of a fitness workplace or a computer desk add-on for existing sports equipment. Alas, I'm not allowed to earn more than 400 Euro a month in addition to my early retirement pension. At least not until I'm 65. I'd rather not lose my pension and have relative financial security for the rest of my life than taking any chances. So if anybody wants to market
  15. Thanks! That helps a lot I thought it was somewhere in the preferences.
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