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  1. Someone called me to this thread I've been collecting Grid Concurrency Stats every 5 minutes for the past 10 years ( with a couple of breaks of up to 4 weeks) Concurrency is falling, slowly but the trend is a decline - This can be seen with both the Maximum Daily Concurrency and the Median daily concurrency - See the attached chart Overall the Grid has grown in size since 2018 but that growth has mainly been Linden Projects such as Bellisseria, The Lab has added an additional Linden Owned 454 regions in the past 14 months but Private Estates have decline by 89 - Fro
  2. Concurrency as reported on my gridsurvey site is the number of user accounts logged into Second Life at any particular time . The data is provided by Linden Lab via the llsd feed (its one of the few public stats feeds still running). I sample and store the data from the feed at 10 minute intervals. Daily I calculate the Median and Mean values for the past 24 hours and report these on the site. The same feed also provides total signups to date which I also store and report The concurrency figures are an accurate measure of the number of accounts logged in at any one time. I have used my su
  3. Hi AlexandreLois1 I'm the owner and maintainer of http://www.gridsurvey.com database There is no method in the Gridsurvey API which allows bulk downloading of anything from the main database and there are rate limits in place to deter large number of queries. However on the Home/Region Page of gridsurvey.com the "Current Region List" button allows the user to download a list of current regions along with their SL Map Coordinates in Tab Delimited Text. This is designed to be used externally to SL by developers who maintain their own external databases and unlike the main API cannot be do
  4. Based on past 12 months to yesterday Saturdays and Sundays have higher concurrency then the rest of the week (this is significant at the 95% confidence level) 13:00 and 14:00 SLT (1 - 2 pm) are the busiest hours - again this is a statistically significant finding at the 95 confidence level These charts illustrate the mean concurrency over day of week and hour of day. This analysis is based on sampling SL concurrency at 5 minute intervals over the past year.
  5. Medhue Simoni wrote: ..... So, the marketplace, in my opinion, doesn't answer why LL got back nearly 1,000 regions, in a matter of months. Plus, the rate of abandoned regions seems to go in steps, which would coincide with search engine updates. Of course, the search dropping parcels from it's engine affected every1. Not just merchants, which is why it shows on the graph so distinctly. The changes in this chart are not due to abandoned land , it shows the size of the Linden Estate in regions rather than the ownership of parcels within those regions.The rate of mainland abandonment
  6. The very first Mainland Census I ran back in November 2009 found that abandoned land made up between 3.5% and 5.0% of mainland and this remained fairly consistent through the first part of 2010. However since December 2010 I have been running a quarterly census and the amount of abandoned land has generally increased and last month I reported that it was between 9.8% and 10.9% of all mainland Here is how the amount has changed in the past two years I do monitor the amount of mainland for sale in each Census but currently the method I use doesn't differentiate between Land for Auction
  7. Currently each Private Estate region generates on average US$215.27 Tier per month (factoring in known grandfathering , distribution of Full vs. Homestead vs. Openspaces and using list prices) . A full region on Privately owned mainland (including Linden Homes) generates an average of US$261.07 Tier per month. However if you include the 44.8% of land which is Linden Owned Mainland as an overhead this drops to US$144.11. So that's Gross income,ignoring any costs such as support, infrastructure. Figures are derived from my Mainland Census at the beginning of June and my Private Estate survey a
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