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    I got prime sl [getting 300l a week] that kinda thing and I canceled it but it says I have to wait u til next month for it to work and sl keeps charging my card even though I already canceled it and if they do run my card when I canceled the prime sl version can I get a refund
  2. Are you still looking 4 a Daughter?
  3. Kend011


    lokking for a family mom, dad, sister, what ever okay with me being teen/adult i dont have kids NOT PICKY
  4. Im not picky about what the skybox, house, or apartment, just have to be nice and have a second bedroom i dont mind sharing a room but a second room would be nice i will pay have the rent if can be, (i dont know if thats how it works) but we can all so switch off pay ( me one week you the next) and someone friendly becuase im new and will show me around
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