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Found 18 results

  1. Greetings Everyone! Rimia Here, bringing to your attention our cozy apartment complex at Corsica, Modern Design and great views by the mountain Side if you need a place to live, under a tight wallet, its cozy and convinient, added our great service hosted by Castillione's Rentals, and yours truly as the landowner, can be directly contected if any issues arise! Perks of checking out our complex: Modern Styled building plus receptionist at the lobby! Working elevators by Gentek Ease of use for renting and leasing Secured under CasperOrb w/bot integration
  2. Saimya Estates Move in special - Pay 2 weeks get 1 week free (New residents to Saimya Estates) Available Rentals Link: CasperPanel - Available Rentals Beautiful views, Privacy in your home with access to several sailing sims or Protected roads. Affordable living, Tv for movies in the home. Furnished homes Apartments and sky boxes. The ability to return all furniture if needed. Some houses on certain lands may be return, notecard will also let you know. Security may be used, change music stream and other land abilities on your l
  3. CrescentView Heights is a breath taking Modern Community Sim where people can come and find there perfect home. Indulge yourself in a Beautiful Modern Community environmental setting with gorgeous landscaping. You can choose between homes, Apartments or Condo's. What can we offer you? House Rental Come with -- * Full Media Rights * Privacy * Customized Land Name * Additional Prims (if available) * Security Orb * Homes can come furnished or unfurnished for a fee.
  4. Hickock Place Apartments are lovely 1 bedroom, 1 bath, skyrise apartments, kitchen installed, with the best view. For 200L weekly, you gain 250 prims with which to make this apartment your own. Shinsa Villas Apartments are aimed at those who need a bit more space. Maybe you're growing your family, maybe you want a roommate and dog or cat too! Shinsa Villas has you covered with gorgeous architecture, spacious 2 bed/1 bath or 3 bed/0 bath set up. The kitchen is already set up and ready for you to start entertaining your guests. All this with 780 prims to decorate for 700L weekly.
  5. Beautiful Mainland Community Homes for rent, Control your own music stream with privacy in every house. Homes are furnished and also comes with adult furniture and a movie that plays movies etc. Furniture can be used or deleted. Group invite sent when the rent box is paid Available homes and apartments will show available by the rent box in front of the house for your convenience. In front of the community there's a common area you can sit relax , rent a boat and sail or watch a movie while outdoors etc. 100 Prims/$ L100wk http://maps.secondlife.co
  6. Magic Moon currently has some plots available for rent. Our region is a welcoming private region with a community center filled with games and other activities. Potential Residents please note that our region is: Adult Rated - no child avatars Furry Friendly - all species/races are welcome not just furries Group Owned - parcel ownership is not transferred this makes it easier to utilize all-region resources A fun place to be Parcel Rentals: North Eastern Island: L$1000/week 800Li/prims South Eastern Island: L$250/week 200Li/prims Southern Isl
  7. SAIMYA BAY COMMUNITY Waterfront Community with Furnished homes all furniture can be return so you can use your own. Adult Furniture in every home. Enjoy your own privacy, control your own media and a television that has netflix in most homes. Group invite sent upon paying the box just accept it. Prices range from $ L100 - $ L600. Affordable prices for you to live comfortably in secondlife. These are some of the newer homes we have added to the community. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Meander/55/10/21
  8. an apartment is 75/w, including 30 prims . the top apartments 10th floor are 100/w with 50 prims. the one other in the G-level is 50/w with 20 prims. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dorpeth/153/219/79
  9. Affordable apartments 0.5L per prim, standard $50L/100 prims per week can be increased. Get 1 free week on rental! Elevators and stairs... still under construction! Next to road side > drive to explore! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Applewood/156/104/62
  10. Affordable apartments 0.5L per prim, standard $50L/100 prims per week can be increased. Get 1 free week on rental! Elevators and stairs... still under construction! Next to road side > drive to explore! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Applewood/156/104/62
  11. Mainland Waterfront Properties available for rent. Access to more sail able sims , Group invite sent upon payment by rental box Control your media and more. Furnished and Unfurnished Rentals House, Furniture, Decor and Landscape items may be used or returned 1. 1001 Sunny Side 400 Prims/ $ L650/wk 1264m ---- RENTED 2. 101 Ocean Terrace View 500 Prims/ $ L725wk 1536m RENTED 3. 1100 Arbour Mist Bay 1380 Prims/ $ L1200wk 4048m http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Korat/115/62/23 4. 1100 Sunst Views Bay 1395 Prims/ $ L1499wk 4096m
  12. Adventure Isle contains 8 Parcels each having houses or apartments, you can drive between the houses and enjoy a small Residential Sim where Club; Breedables aren't allowed. Perfect for kids, families or everyone who wants to enjoy some peaceful time. Alan W. Estates -FOR RENT: SQM: 2080; PRIMS: 507; 1190 L$/W Alan W. Estates -FOR RENT: SQM: 2592; PRIMS: 632; 1500 L$/W Alan W. Estates -FOR RENT: SQM: 3392; PRIMS: 828; 1960 L$/W Alan W. Estates -FOR RENT: SQM: 2048; PRIMS: 501; 1190 L$/W Alan W. Estates -FOR RENT: SQM: 2048; PRIMS: 501; 1190 L$/W Alan W. Esta
  13. Tobyhanna Township is a new family role play sim that features a Fire Department, Police Department, Emergency Medical Services Station, hospital and more for employment opportunities. We are a moderate community open to children and families. We have multiple different styles of homes and apartments available for rent either furnished or unfurnished upon request. Our sim is based off of the laws in place in Tobyhanna Township, PA. This sim is still under development but will be completed very soon and is fully functional as of now. We plan to also expand more in land. Rentals currently range
  14. Affordable Mainland Prices Land for purchase or rent far from being over priced. We are all here to enjoy Second Life comfortably Have access to sailing across many sims or also living in the sky with affordable prices Privacy in each home, townhouse and apartment. Control your own music and land name etc. These are a few of the places we have available, come to our office to see other available locations at SAIMYA ESTATES OFFICE LOCATION http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Woiler/203/45/1793 SUN VALLEY HOME LOCATION (HIDDEN VALLEY) http://maps.second
  15. SoHo Properties & Rentals NOW HAS great, affordable, luxury suites for rent!! Live amongst SL's Finest... http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/City%20of%20Gold/168/236/117 >>Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/janeydiscobijoux/albums/72157688428070204 Contacts: JaneyBijoux, Club SoHo - Co-Owner LealaNana, Club SoHo - Owner
  16. Cocoa Bay Estates is a welcoming 10 sim family role play community based off of New York with many amenities available. We have beautiful scenery and many different styles of homes available for rent, everything from luxurious mansions to small apartments. We also have commercial areas available for you to put in your own shop. Recently added is a large bowling alley for your family to come down and have some fun! We have roleplay jobs available in many different departments, you don't even need to be a resident to join in on the fun! Police, fire, clinic, court, DMV, post office, ba
  17. Summerwood @ Lakechase Community Home Begins Here. If you are looking for a place to stay, but tight on cash. Look no further! I am happy to announce a first come, first serve residential giveaway. The FIRST 3 people to contact me will receive a choice of either a town home, apartment, or home for free (1 week only) to start off their journey at Summerwood. Website: https://summerwoodlakechase.squarespace.com/?p Visit us here: Summerwood @ Lakechase Community Contact: Siera MacIntyre Summerwood would like to welcome you to your new journey in the community that's
  18. Home Begins Here Summerwood @ Lakechase Community is open to the public for anyone seeking a luxury, affordable community to call theirs. Amenities are offered all around the neighborhood that include hangout locations, role-play sites (police, fire, clinic, etc) stores, parks and more! Our theme is quite unique and elegant as hills and greenery surrounds the sim. Monthly events will be hosted so that our residents will fill involved in the community and are able to participate with their fellow neighbors. Each resident will have their own unique mailbox to make delivering messages easier
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