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  1. I appreciate the response and the info. I've honestly looked around for around 6-7 years in hopes of someone making something that I'd like to no avail. The amasonia, along with other muscular figures on the market are FAR, FAR from what I'm hoping to achieve aesthetically, never mind the general size of the avatar. I do have some abs on now as a tattoo layer but hoping to take it a jump further. Thanks for taking out the time to provide those suggestions
  2. As the title states I'm looking for someone to create a custom mesh avatar. To provide some further details, I'm looking for a more toned/muscular female model that's around 1.3-1.5x the size of a normal avatar. I'm willing to provide 3d models I've made along with pictures to help further communicate and identify the aesthetic I'm looking for, while minimizing any possible miscommunications about what I'd like the avatar to look like I understand this may entail a lengthier time line and a heavier price tag, but I'm willing to accept those two stipulations given this isn't a simple reques
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