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  1. Some of these new last names are kind of fun. Others not so much.
  2. Nothing. Well, mostly nothing. I log on, fly around a bit, maybe sim hop and see if I can find a good conversation or two, then I sorta park it somewhere and watch Youtube or read something while Firestorm minimized. I'm fun, I know.
  3. I just always assumed most were alts but never really gave it much though, op. In my case...This account now, though my main, is still technically an alt. Its the third I created. The first I lost details to, and the second I moved on from wanting to get away from my 'human roots'. I never plan on adding my card details to this account because I never buy anything. I transferred about 4700 Lindens I had from my old account to this one, and that was more than enough to buy my current bird avatar, and I'm perfectly happy with just having this. I did remove my payment details from my old acc
  4. Sorry to double post, but are there any other places anyone know of?
  5. My favorite game - my favorite game soundtrack. I feel like the best track is 'Castle in the Mist' at 2:41
  6. Thanks, I haven't heard of this place and will check it out ASAP!
  7. I only put feral in quotations because I've only recently found out that apparently that's what my avatar is considered. And here I thought I was just a person who really liked playing as a bird. Anyway, I would appreciate it if anyone could tell me some active places that allow or even outright welcome non-human avatars.
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