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  1. Loving the summer nights in Second Life. Hope you are too?
  2. ahhh - yes that did it. And yes I am only going to do it temporariliy why they are here, and then turn it back off again. Wonder if their built items will stay though or be returned to them after a while. I'll have to see. thanks for help though
  3. Thanks - but can't see were to set that up? This is what I am trying to do... I have stood in my house - gone into LAND - OPTIONS, and where it says 'allow everyone to ...' All of those options are greyed out, and I cannot change them? Am I doing something wrong? Maybe that option is not allowed with Linden Homes?
  4. Apart from setting up a group - and having friends/alts join that, and then set my Linden home to the group. Is there any other (slightly simpler way) I can allow selected users to REZ items at my home?
  5. Some areas I have found that are busy - but also offer rentals are London and Jamaica
  6. Could have been worse - it could have been Barbie Girl, Who Let The Dogs Out or The Bird Dance Tune on loop !!
  7. Oooh - yes - that is a very good point. How would you distiguish. Fact is it seems, if same IP, then one of you is a gonna get booted by the sounds of it - even if reason you are same IP is legit. That's a pain isn't it.
  8. Maybe it's because I am new I have this opinion, BUT reading a welcome sign or notecard when arriving somehere is one thing and yep most people do that I hope - but who in their right mind is gonna read the actual 'Parcel Covenant' for EVERY where they go or visit in SL?
  9. I think it says/asks you to take an alt test to see whether you are an alt or not? But as I say - it, (nor anywhere i have visited), as ever clarified that alts are not allowed? So what is the point of the alt test, unless specifically it (OR the parcel owner) has said alts not allowed and made this clear to any visitors to it?
  10. It could be this is same for eveyone - or evrywhere I go has these sound FX turned on? But I always (ALWAYS) have these ambient sounds seemingly going on in background - I can't tell if it's fire crackling or water trickling, but I can hear it even though I can neither see or think I am any where near water or fire? And it doesnt go away if I move (wheras other sounds/sound fx fade as I move around SL) Anyone know if its a setting I have on in error? I could do without hearing water/fire crackling all the time. Thanks
  11. Fantastic abs πŸ™‚ You must have worked hard for those. Nice one πŸ™‚
  12. And so how do visitors to sims/locations know it's not allowed. I can't reacall ever seeing a notice anywhere saying NO alts allowed? Or am in just missing this somehow?
  13. What I fail to understand, is it assumes that ALTS are banned somehow, or not allowed? Which I don't belive is the case is it? I don't think i've every yet been to a SL ocation where there as been any rule that states your'e not allowed to be or own an ALT? Or maybe I've just been oblivious to that?
  14. I was in same situ - and recently joined. And have chatted with loads and loads and loads of people in loads and loads of random places. But I don't yet really have any 'friends' as such. But I have actually come to realise that just like in the real world, it takes time to develop actual friends. But what I have done is go along to some classes/workshops. Including even a naked yoga class(!), which was enjoyable, if not slightly awkward. But as I'd never (probably?) do that in real life, I thought what the heck - and it was a lot of fun! And the workshop leader was great. (PS - Always tip the people doing this stuff, as it is their time and effort that make SL such a great place). I have also joined loads of groups, and get notifications about things happening. EG the other day I got notification of a 'Boat Parade'. I went along just to see it. (after all I don't have a useable boat). But after just few minutes loads of people were chatting to me, and as they rezzed(?) their boats and sped off, a few of them noticed I hadn't got a boat, and invited me aboard one of theirs - and instantly I was part of this long boat parade of about 20 boats, which lasted a whole hour, and loads of chatting going on between everyone - and I saw a lot of the β€˜place’ I now live in SL, which I hadn't before. Anyway from those kinds of sessions, I have certainly struck up a few ongoing regular conversations with one or two people now, multiple times. Who knows, some of those may become friends over time. Hope sharing my experience helps? JB
  15. Thanks everyone - and using the collective advice, (and a 1LI pre-built skybox off marketplace), I now have my 'pad in the sky' . Although I can't for the life of me now remember why I wanted it.....???? Oh, I do... for my photo studio. πŸ™‚ Thanks again everyone. Such a helpful forum this. Hope I can return the favour. πŸ™‚ JB
  16. I think that's helped find the answer. In my AO hud there is a little option (shown at top of my screen grab) called FORCE SIT. I've turned that off, and I think (fingers crossed) that has solved it. (I guess the FORCE SIT option 'forced' the sitting animation to use the AO animation rather than the objects buikt in, and that caused the conflict). And as most objects I sit on seem to have built in sitting animations, then I can just turn FORCE SIT on again for ones that don't have animations built in. It may be in those instances, the animation of the AO will kick in anyway, if none exists within the object - I'll have to see) Anyway - so for for anyone using VISTA animations - it appears that it is FORCE SIT you need to toggle off. I can now enjoy the sunsetting in Bellissaria, without getting that 'sinking feeling' Thanks all
  17. Just wish that the AO or SEAT SCRIPT could automate the switching between the AVI AO and the Object (Seat/Bed/Boat/Car) animation. Rather than this have to be done manually each time. (unless someone know that this can be automated).
  18. Oh - need to check that out. its a VISTA animation, and having a setting which gave priority to the object animation would make a lot of sense to me, if that is what is needed to not turn into Casper the Ghost. perhaps it does. I will investigate further πŸ™‚ Yep - I only usually sit on actual 'sittable objects' and so I don't turn on any sit animation specifically. I just right click on a sittakle object and choose sit. (from the little Firestorm circle menu thing). But My VISTA AO is on by default. And so is on when I sit on anything. and thats what must be causing the conflict. I am not manually turning on anything. But only way to no longer sink into an object is to turn my VISTA AO off, when sitting on that object. and then manually turn it back on again, when I stand up again.. which is the pain bit to remember.
  19. Thanks. So everytime I want to sit/sail a boat, lie down. etc (and that object has an animation built in - like most chairs do) - I have to turn my own AO off? Okay will do. But sounds a right pain to have to do everytime. You'd think there could be some kind of 'automatic switcer' to save you having to do it each time.. But thanks for quick response πŸ™‚
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