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  1. Figured it out! You just input the karaokes settings into the Butt and you click connect to stream in world, and click the karaoke thing. Then when it's your turn you turn ... turn all your sound off... then turn your Butt to play, and you play a youtube video or whatever and just sing. then to stop you click stop and then remove yoursself from the karaoke list. Then you can put hte sound back on again to hear the next person sing
  2. Can someone please answer me? I read that people use streams to join to the karaoke and most popular is BUTT. I downloaded BUTT but I have no idea how to input the settings, how to know if I have joined the karaoke stream or not. How to input a song to sing, and how do I hear the song?
  3. Even then can you still help me solve the problem?
  4. So I watched and read tutorials how to do photography, including DOF. I don't know how to make it focus on just one subject and make everything else blurry. Because either DOF works and everything gets blurry or nothing blurs at all! I heard I have to do a camera lock or something.? Can someone please help me ... thanks https://gyazo.com/b431d07f175040521718b9396e1b7a0a
  5. I tried being one in like the Purrfect Pu ssy place but they seem to ignore me even though I paid to be a VIP member... go figure!
  6. Hello, ever since I got to demo the Oculus Rift I've been extremely curious what it would be like to play Second Life on it. I imagine it would take it to a whole new level and be extremely amazing. Anyone have any VR experiences with Oculus Rift, HTC Vive on second life that they would like to share? Thank you.
  7. Can you please help me? This whole inventory thing looks so complicated there's a million things everywhere and I'm not sure what kind of short cuts their are and what is exactly what. Is there some tutorial somewhere? My latest gripe is I bought these new anime eyes and when I install it to my avatar it only changes the colour, but not the dam shape of the eye! I want the whole eye to be changed. Please help a noob out and I will be so greatful! <3 much love
  8. Hi I'm new amd I would like a job! I am a fashionista/makeup artist and photographer. I'll take any job!
  9. I have the box that gives me options on things like "hug" "kiss" or whatever but when I click it. It does nothing. It shows : Hug in the chat box or something but nothing ever happens!
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