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  1. Sounds nice shall i im you?
  2. i would like to work here i have worked at a club before but have to quit cause i was pregnant at the time but im ready to get back into working
  3. I model on my own time to time IM @ @0mrsbunny0
  4. @Novel Popinjay I'm so sorry I did not get your message or maybe I did and I didn't know it was you I have been going through a lot of week I am so glad that Christmas is finally over and I'm able to relax and get on 2nd light if you can contact me again it would be greatly appreciated thank you Hun
  5. Presonal info Name: Nyla Beasley (0mrsbunny0) Age: 23 Email: Robinsonkat2004@gmail.com Relationship: Boyfriend & Girlfriend Objective A weekend job since i work and go to school during the week on fridays i would be able to work 10 pm - 12 am est saturdays 12 pm - 3pm, and sundays 12 pm - 3pm Work experience - I have worked as a stripper for a week - ??? - ??? - ???
  6. A girl needs a job like for real, this is not my first time on second life this is just a new account. I would like to try not to do stripping again seeing how i was alot of fun and made good money i would like to try something new. Like maybe being a waiter or a host, i have got settled in my new house and all again im ready to start working again, so if you have something open please hit me up i fill out a from and all.
  7. Now when I say I have no friends meaning I'm shy like really shy and don't know how to make friend most of the time people come to me lol but everything is so new but I'm getting passed it and it gets easy as you go. if anyone who would like to be friends or just needs someone to talk to hit me up~! 😀
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