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  1. I’m seeking a personal assistant who can assist me with my personal and business tasks on sl. I am opening a main store/ makeover clinic soon and I will need someone to assist me as I will be busy. My personal assistant must be professional, a good listener, patient, honest, and have good communication/ writing skills. You must always be active in world. Must have 6 months minimum experience in SL and is familiar with how SL works.Personal tasks include: Communicating on my behalf, shopping help, and anything I personally need help with.Business tasks include : typing up descriptions for sever
  2. Feel free to check out this 2 story mainland roadfront home. It is open to come take a look. If interested, please IM @ xilt.kiyori to get into your NEW home TODAY. Happy Holidays ! xoxo Here is the location : Second Life Maps | Plio
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