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  1. To add to this it doesn't just happen when clicking on doors/windows, it happens when they click on -anything- to do with the house, floors and walls included.
  2. How the heck do you turn it off? I've looked through the whole control panel and I haven't been able to find any way to turn off the door knocking on click and it's really annoying because any miss click when trying to click on furniture or the like just causes the door knocking sound to go off.
  3. Alright! We aren't at the stage where we're testing the combat system just yet mind you. We're still in the process of programing the HUD, though we've got all the basic features done. It might be ready to start combat testing in another month or so. That said, I don't anticipate latency to be much of an issue with combat. That may be a problem with hit scan and various ray cast systems, but this is much more 'pen and paper' style with a good bit of automation.
  4. Hey folks, So I'm looking for people to help fill certain staff positions in an RP sim that's presently under development. Specifically at this point in time I'm looking for reliable individuals interested in doing things like helping with writing up the lore such as planetary native flora and fauna, background information on the setting along with similar information. We could use one or two more people interested in helping flesh out and test the combat system, and presently already have a dedicated scripter to help with back end coding as well as a HUD we are presently setting up to deploy at launch. Finally, we will (in the future) be looking for another builder or two to help setup the sim once the sim is rented, which will only be after the RP HUD work is complete and ready for launch. Note: This is going to be a Furry/Synth/Droid etc friendly RP sim open to a wide range of avatar types and styles with adult themes. (Think along the lines of cyberpunk, post apocalypse and other mature settings).
  5. I was wondering what was going on since last little while MP keeps just logging me out entirely randomly while I'm trying to find things or am literally in the middle of buying things. This implementation of 'auto-logout' is so half baked. You can be literally in the middle of a transaction or have just bought one thing and then go to buy a second item and it'll log you out. I can't tell if it's tied to how much time has passed since you logged in, or if it just has some timer where it just ups and logs everyone off, but what ever of the two it is, it's really dumb.
  6. Hmm, ok. I'm not sure how to do that but I'll take a stab at it!
  7. Hi there! So, I'm not great with scripting and I had a question I didn't catch an answer to and couldn't seem to find. I'm trying to script a door that has two halves and have each half slide in a different direction. From what limited understanding I have, I can't figure out how to do that, and I can't seem to find any example of a script someone's made that would do it either. They all seem to only work with just 1 door at a time rather than two split halves. I know it's possible though, as i have a few doors that work this way, but unfortunately the scripts in all of them are No-Mod so I can't see how they did it. EDIT: In the ones I have the doors are named something like DoorL DoorR, so I know it's calling the door description the same way the OP's script does. It's just that I can't tell how to call up two doors at a time, instead of just the one. Edit 2: So I found this script the OP posted, but I"m not sure how to change it to sliding from swing.: Honestly comparing the two scripts I'm finding myself badly confused as to how you even tell the door to move side to side vs swing. I haven't really done much in the way of touching computer code in about 20 years or so, so while I understand a tiny bit here and there, I'm going a touch cross eyed trying to figure this one out. More to the point, I don't understand how IntSwing would be replaced with something telling it to move sideways instead of rotate. Mostly because I don't understand how the OP's script in this thread is telling the door to move sideways instead. Is that the line? Like instead of intSwing = 90 you'd change it to Float gDistance = 1.0 ?
  8. Yeah but I'm not talking about demos in general. Demos make sense. Timed demos do not, nor do demos of things that are normally resizable in the full version, but then lack the ability to be resized (even if it's just via a script) in the demo. Especially when scripted resizers are easily found for free all over the place, exceedingly simple to implement and can still let you set the base item to no mod. Creators seem to some how think this will protect their work from being stolen, but the reality is, it doesn't actually have the slightest impact on that what so ever. All it does is make it harder on the legitimate customers.
  9. Oh! Thanks, I thought it was Vfuzz, but couldn't find it on their vendors in world, I'll take another look though. Thank you so much!
  10. Hey folks, pretty much as the title says, looking to figure out who the heck is selling the Bottweiler AVs. I thought I knew which maker it was but doesn't seem like they have those AVs anywhere, nor do any of the others I've checked out and can't seem to find it on the MP. It's a mod for the Enzo Aesthetic body specifically.
  11. I find timed demos a very strange thing personally. It doesn't actually do anything to protect the creator.
  12. Yes, I'm slightly less concerned that it's 100% original as long as it's not just stolen IP. I have a ton of textures I can texture with and if I need help I have friends and people I know I can simply pay to do texturing as needed. As to the LODs, yes, I'm cautious of that as well, as I know a lot of these builds are only as low as they are because they cut out the lower level LODs, which is obviously a big problem if it's supposed to be on an RP sim. For some furniture it's not as big an issue as most of it will only be seen relatively close up, but regardless, I'm trying to keep everything user friendly. This is also where I thought I'd give it a shot and try asking on the forums, since I know there's still a lot of creators that don't advertise on the MP, while a large percentage that do, tend to clearly not optimize their things for SL at all. That seems to be less of an issue for structure building than for furniture items. Anyway, thanks for the responses!
  13. So I'm just wondering if anyone out there knows of any good stores that sell quality mesh building items for builders that don't have huge LI footprints. At the moment I'm mostly looking for furniture, but many of the sellers I've found so far have items that have quite large LI such as a single chair with a whooping 20 LI, or beds with 28-40 LI that kind of thing. The main reason I'm looking for such assets is to build for an RP sim and so having 20 LI for a single chair is really kind of crazy when you can get really good looking ones with just 1-3 LI (Just not transferable which is a requirement for building on this sim). I don't need items with textures, though if it's cyberpunk or Sci-Fi style texturing that's always a plus. I know of a few good shops but I'm sure there's some I've missed that may not have a MP or are way down the list on newer items etc. I've tried sorting by LI as well but you get pages after pages of items that just don't list the LI etc.
  14. Eh, I've had one creator IM me to call me a 'scammer' and then block me because I dared to leave a review of their product that wasn't 5 star, so *shrugs* Some people just like to shoot themselves in the foot.
  15. I'm quite late to the party posting this, but this sort of thing is ideal, in my opinion. The set stands out from everything else, and it makes it pretty clear what it is, and what it looks like.
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