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  1. i am trying to login ons econd life after my pc crashed but everything i got is a "login failed.depsite our best efforts,somethign unexpected has gone wrong" am i the only one who is dealign with this problem right now ? and if yes , there is any way for fix it ?
  2. today i had this bug (?) on firestorm where actually the options "replace current outfit" and "add to current outfit" are disabled to me even if i didn't reached the 38 attachments limits , there is any way for resolve this issue since is very frustating ?
  3. just came back at home from work and now it's working , it was a pleasure share this pain with y'all lmao
  4. having the same issues here from europe , neither the game and the log in work
  5. i do was talking with a friend that actually is logging in on firestorm without any issue while i do tried to re install it already ,restart the pc and also the modem but yet neither the game and the sites are working at this point the situation is starting to be frustating
  6. i am having the same issues right now , is a good 30 minutes this is happening and plus if i try to log in in the sl site right now it says the site it making too much time to respond , any way for fix this or is just second life servers beign crap ?
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