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  1. I could have phrased that better. It is "dynamic texture memory." I have a Ryzen R9 3900X, 32 GB System RAM, and an RX 580 (8GB) running dual monitors on Linux, 1920x1080 and 1920x1200. I have lots of games on Steam that I play aside from using the computer for Second Life. I see no problem with AMD on Linux. Maybe AMD sucks on Windows, but Windows doesn't need help to suck on its very own. As an aside, I also have an Intel i3 6100, 8 GB System RAM, and GTX 960 (2GB) also running on Linux. Works great too. Kind of wish that 960 at least had 4GB VRAM since NVidia still does OpenGL better than AMD. If the PBR viewer or one in the future uses Vulkan, however, the NVidia advantage in SL will evaporate.
  2. Copy the body sliders from your existing shape, the one you like to use with Freya: Body, Head Size, Torso & Legs, into a notecard. Then wear the Lelutka head on the Freya body, and wear the shape that Lelutka always provides with their heads as a 'recommended' base to start from. Then edit that shape and use the notecard to copy those numbers back into the new shape. Save as a New Shape calling it something like Leltuka+Freya, so you always know what the shape is for.
  3. Well, thanks a lot. Do you know how much L$ I just spent at Deadwool? Hmmm? A lot. I mean, really, just how much clothing does a guy need, after all?? And here you come into this thread telling everyone about another store with great clothing, and look at what I went and did.... No, it's not CZ_Slim in this picture. But really with a suit like this the only thing showing are the hands. I swapped out my own mesh body for the CZ_Slim and only the hands are slightly different. (I'm kidding by the way and not at all annoyed. 😇)
  4. Hmmm, that really depends on the creator. There is as much new junk as there ever was old junk in my experience. I try demos from events and quality is all over the place. Those very few who do clothes exclusively for Legacy have yet to convince me that their t-shirts or jeans are any better than those I can buy at countless other stores that support more bodies. Signature makes some very nice clothes for their bodies. Lapointe & Bastchild support all popular bodies. Tori Toricelli, Riot, Legal Insanity, Odiren, Gabriel, and more, all support popular bodies like Jake and Gianni. From swimwear to casual to tuxedos, there's plenty of clothes made that are excellent quality without dealing with some company that uses a media hud to control its body. Legacy could change my mind tomorrow by releasing the body as modify. I could see a market for 3rd party HUDs spring up right away.
  5. Not anymore. Davis has taken the place of Geralt. I see clothes appearing for it at events a lot more now than just a few months ago. As for Legacy being more 'popular' now at events, that may be so. I have to ask, however, whether one needs every single bit of clothing that comes out at these events. Jake and Gianni, for example, have quite a lot of clothing already available from vendors going back years before Legacy came out. In that case you'll often find clothing in the marketplace or in world made for either Jake or Gianni that won't ever become available for Legacy.
  6. CZ_Slim V2 body was sent out via redelivery today. Of interest to me were the foot options, especially the 'sock' foot which would come in handy when using BoM socks or stockings. A set of add on rigged mesh nipples are new as well, however, they rely on alpha blending texture. Alpha blending is a problem because of color shifting under spot lights. It's the same problem that neck blenders have. Sometimes they 'glow' and sometimes they turn dark, depending on where the camera and spot lights line up. I manually set the add on nipples to alpha masking (100-150), but that looked bad in its own way. I guess I won't be using those at all. Ideally, add on nipples would be BoM with alpha masking, but getting that UV map aligned to the body can be a challenge.
  7. They don't really "fit" CZ_Slim. Always try the demo. There are lots of hastily rigged clothes out there. A NOTE TO CLOTHING MAKERS: If the first time I try one of your items leaves a bad impression, I probably won't be back no matter what you do in the future.
  8. @TimKoul I get what you're saying. And I'm gay, lol. The thing is, men who want to be slim don't need the CZ_Slim body. Of course, I bought it, but I already knew it stood a ... slim ... chance of ever getting recognition by creators like L&B, FashionNatic, etc. Here's an outfit with Tori Toricelli pants and FashionNatic shirt. Slim but not CZ_Slim...
  9. At the Jail Event, Altgard Kevin Pants and Dude Raider by CZ. I'm wearing Memento LVX Sneakers rigged for Legacy male with the Kevin Pants. I think I picked them up at Man Cave Event. Any Legacy male shoes I've tried seem to fit just fine.
  10. And just something to think about... If you believe that adult men cannot be so thin, then have a look at the images of men on this European model agency website (it's safe, no full nudity): https://www.tomorrowisanotherday.de/he/
  11. CZ Slim Body + Vertigo Leblon Ivory Body Skin + Vertigo Savio Ivory face for Lelutka Eon + Izzie's Eyelid Changer & Inside Lips Corrector + Not Found Carl Hairbase. I make my own shapes with the help of the Nanogunk AV Shape Proportions Rig. I use custom deformers for the pelvis (butt sticks out too far IMO) & Belly (navel is too high IMO). Optimally the butt slider should go no less than 25, otherwise there is an odd mesh distortion to my eyes at least. However that bubble butt seems disproportionate to such a slim chest, thus I use my deformer to push in the butt, and that slightly pushes out the tummy below the navel. It's a balancing act.
  12. I've done some additional testing with CZ Slim. The feet are rather small, and though they resize with the foot slider, they remain rather flat looking. The navel indentation is deep and does not align with common skins like the one by Not Found shown on the other three bodies. That's why the body skin (editable tattoo skin layer) used in the photo is the one provided with the CZ Slim body, and it was edited to match the Avarosa head skin tattoo layer. The navel indentation itself is rather high on the belly, and so I made a few bone deformers in Blender (with Avastar) this morning to lower the navel. That's why it looks similar to the navel on the other bodies in this image. Once you notice how high the navel is normally, it's rather distracting. I am using a few of my custom deformers on all the bodies shown, each according to what I think it needs. Next is the body I made and introduced nearly four years ago, the KJ-MXS. The skin is by Not Found for Belleza Jake, but I am also using a BoM correction layer tattoo for the hands and feet. KJ-MXS 2.0 introduced BoM, and version 3.0 removed mesh alpha cuts, among other things. There are over 100 system alpha masks that I made and include with the body with names of clothing I've found to be compatible. There is a scripted HUD+RLV-based alpha cut system. There is still an Omega tattoo onion layer controlled by the HUD. The included v2.6 body uses mesh body alpha cuts in case setting up the new RLV alphas seems too complex even with my detailed instructions. I include a lot of deformers, which I call the Posture Set & individual reformers. Everything is modify except the Omega script, of course. I made the body for my own needs, and I don't give a dang about marketing or pretty HUDs. Oh and I include a "Digipaws" body in the pack too. Then there is Slink. I never cared much for the chest and shoulders on this body. The UV layout in the area of the collar bones looks odd to me using currently popular skins. And there's the ever popular Jake. Jake is mod. Jake has a lot of clothing and more coming all the time. Much as I love my own body, there's clothes I want to wear which won't fit it, and Jake can wear them. However, I'm not a fan of the chest, arms, or butt on Jake. My old DSD Aardwolf still lives!
  13. I know there's practically no clothing for it yet. I think it is a bit overpriced for what is included. There is certainly room for additional body types on the grid, and I like to support a creator who isn't making yet another buff male body. On the left, Signature Davis with Lelutka Ford head. On the right, CZ Slim with my own custom Bento head and face skin.
  14. Wonderful! It's a free Halloween outfit for Signature group members, btw! Dry cleaning not included. For best results, remove mesh head and related parts. Your parents put it together. Batteries not included. See store for details.
  15. ARC may or may not indicate a rendering issue for yourself or others. I like to point people to Beq Janus' blog since a lot of performance related issues are covered there: https://beqsother.blogspot.com/2022/03/how-to-use-new-firestorm-performance.html
  16. Is it really so hard to make a new notecard and put body, head size, torso, and legs slider numbers in it from your preferred shape? Then edit Kaya's shape and put in those same copied numbers? It might take 15 minutes at most if you are careful about it. For example, Body height 52, thickness 48, fat 0, hover 50 Head size 90 Torso muscles 50, neck thickness 67, neck length 40, shoulders 45, breast size 42, breast buoyancy 50, breast cleavage 33, arm length 90, hand size 40, torso length 75, love handles 70, belly size 0 Legs muscles 35, length 45, hip width 50, hip length 50, butt size 20, saddle bags 15, knee angle 48, foot size 10 Naturally that works for my body but not necessarily yours. You don't need to copy all the face sliders since the Kaya shape already has a nice face, imo.
  17. *barberyumyum*S 05 (fatpack). It goes very nicely with her face, doesn't it? Jacket is by Tori Torricelli. They make great clothes with wonderful textures and materials. This is the 'Ravenna Jacket.' Pants are 'Alessandra - Beltless Leather Pants,' which I'm wearing as BoM though they come with Maitreya, Slink, and Omega appliers. I know the body applier for Slink has materials, but in this case I had made my own system alpha mask for the jacket and used the Redux body. The Redux body has the option to 'smooth' out the butt for BoM system clothing, making it look less distorted when seen up close. Shoes are Slink Oxford Heels (with socks).
  18. She has a good variety of outfits now, but ... jewelry, that's one thing missing.
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