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  1. Python 2.7 is available in repositories for all Linux distributions, even Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, which means it will be around for years to come. This is not an issue. Firestorm can be built in Ubuntu 18.04 (which I did before the instructions on the Firestorm Wiki changed). One could build it in Arch, Fedora, or OpenSuSE as well. I know of someone who is building Firestorm in Slackware. I can't speak for anyone else, but all of my testing with Second Life viewers shows that they run up to 40% slower on Windows 10 on my system with the exact same hardware specifications and viewer settings than the
  2. I ran that version of Cool VL Viewer. The viewer itself did not crash. The media player would stop working (CEF 81 crashing). I can't speak for Henri, but it would not surprise me if he works out the cause of that issue soon. If you have been using Firestorm beta 6.4.5, you've been running Dullahan/CEF 81 already. I have an issue with Firestorm 6.3.9, where logging out would cause the viewer to hang, and I would kill the main process in the system monitor where multiple Dullahan processes would just be sitting there doing nothing [Edit: And this could actually be unrelated to Dullahan, but IDK
  3. It does seem like a lot to do. I debated whether to answer, but as a fellow Linux user I want to be helpful. For one thing, you don't need to replace your operating system. Linux has GRUB, which makes it possible to boot into different operating systems. My main distro right now is RPM-based, but I am quite familiar with the Ubuntu/Deb distros. One can install Ubuntu 16.04 along side one's main operating system. I would not want to 'live' in Ubuntu 16.04, but I gave it a 100GB partition on my drive. It is also possible to run Ubuntu 16.04 in a virtual machine, but that's another layer of compl
  4. All media inside Second Life is played using the Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF). Dullahan is a headless browser SDK that uses the CEF. When you compile Firestorm, prebuilt binaries are downloaded to /var/tmp/<user_name>/install.cache, including Dullahan/CEF. There will be no need to compile a browser separately. The newer Dullahan/CEF enables certain types of encrypted media content, if I recall the message on my television correctly. I don't normally compile programs, and my coding is limited to some LSL. If compiling isn't something you wish to try, then maybe a new beta will b
  5. Good! I'll be sure to make some tests soon and pass along any oddities I may find. The reason I thought things might not be updated fully is due to an object that is supposed to blur vision, but it did not seem to work the last time I checked it. I'll need to do a bit of scripting to know for certain.
  6. @arabellajones, it can be frustrating to wait. 🚏 Indeed, the Firestorm beta 6.4.5 is essentially obsolete at this point for the purpose of showing the state of the EEP renderer. There are many other factors to consider though. Firestorm beta 6.4.5 has an updated Dullahan with Chromium 81, and this is now required by some media content. A lot of work was done to get that ready for Linux users, and I'm very grateful for it. I don't think RLVa visual commands have been fully fixed for EEP yet, so that's another major consideration. I'm sure the FS team is working as fast as they can to addre
  7. LL has merged Love Me Render into their default release today, so I rushed to see what was new on the Firestorm changelogs. I was excited to see that the LL code was merged there as well. I know that this code change hasn't been thoroughly tested by the FS team, but being the adventurous sort, I compiled my own Linux version of Firestorm 6.4.10. I have been practicing the compiling process lately, and I soon had this new one ready for testing. I have to say, in my opinion, things are looking better than before. Without a doubt, EEP is going to be more 'shiny' than the old Windlight renderer. H
  8. A new Love Me Render RC viewer is out, so I logged into Windblows to get the update. So far, I like what I see. At first the dimness of the moon had me perplexed. According to the code commits, some changes have been made to the way the moon is rendered, so EEP night skies may no longer work as they did before. Just set the LMR viewer to midnight and look up at the moon to see what I mean. However, with some tweaking, moonlit night skies can be made to work again. Keep in mind that the moon will appear to be far dimmer than before, thus the brightness of the texture may need to be set much hig
  9. And yet that Blendswap web site hasn't been taken down by DMCA. And 'fan art' is still a thing despite the murky relationship with copyrights. If the file in question was in fact a direct copy of the mesh created by the movie studio, I'd say it was a copyright violation. All I see here is someone who wants to look similar to a character from a movie using a public domain mesh. I'm not a lawyer, nor do I offer legal advice. 🤪
  10. I see what you're going for, and it can look natural with the right texture and specular settings. Skin shine can vary greatly. If you 'bake' the shine on the skin itself, then you're pretty much stuck with a certain look. However, using materials on skin with an applier can allow for variations and experimentation. Right now with the transition from WL to EEP, it will be a challenge to find a happy medium, but you can create a range of specular textures to put in an applier. You really don't need to worry about normal maps in this case since they don't offer enough resolution to give you a re
  11. On the link you posted, the information on the left side indicates it is a CC-0 file. In other words, it is Creative Commons Zero in which the creator made it Public Domain with no restrictions on usage. You are free to modify the file and upload it anywhere, though it would be nice to give credit to the creator as a courtesy. It looks like a cool project. There is more to preparing it for SL than you might initially think, and the result would not look like the image shown on that linked page. Good luck! https://creativecommons.org/about/cclicenses/
  12. From the description, I would say no. First of all, it's no mod. In order to receive textures from Omega appliers, it would need to have an Omega system listener script installed. What you want to do is theoretically possible with the Omega custom mesh body kit script, but only if the object is modify. Your best option is to set the Maitreya body to use Bakes On Mesh, and if needed, get a BoM skin. ... I'm assuming that your skin texture only came with an Omega system applier and no system skin.
  13. Which seems a bit lazy to me. I've been using Avastar for nearly 4 years, and Blender for much longer. Copying the weights is simply part of the job any clothing rigger should know, and there's no extra effort to copy the volume bones, unless the rigger is ... lazy? I could think of other words. I've done some clothing for my own projects, but I do not consider my quality or sense of fashion good enough to sell for a wide audience. Even so, I do know how to push & pull vertices, copy weights, and fix joints for animations. If a clothing maker can't copy volume bone weights in Blender, then
  14. More changes have been made in the viewer code commits since Love Me Render RC was released. I would not use any EEP viewer as a reference for creating materials on objects.
  15. I went to a sim with a "moon base" set in a skybox and took some pictures. I made my own EEP Sky setting with a starry black sky, bright sun, and a custom Earth image to replace the "Moon" texture. I have had a Blender file for many years that renders the Earth using the old Blender render engine. It renders quickly, so I was able to come up with a crescent phase of the Earth for my sky. This particular skybox has an object positioned off sim to show a planet, but I derendered it because it didn't look good and interfered with my sky. Being able to use a custom "moon" is a great feature.
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