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  1. @Ardy Lay That happens to me on Linux with WINE, but only after the default viewer gets updated to a newer version. I'll be able to test LMR 5 until the next default viewer update, whenever that may be.
  2. Copy the "Default" day cycle from Library > Environments > Days to your Settings folder. Right-click on it and "apply only to myself", which will persist after logins for users of most third party viewers. Now, why doesn't LL simply set all mainland regions to "Default"? In case one is curious, "Default" daycycle is simply a set of skies that start with "A" in the Library > Environments > Skies folder: A-12AM, A-3AM, A-6AM, etc. Whatever day cycle mainland regions are currently set to, it's definitely not based on the Default.
  3. That all depends on expectations. In one computer I use, I have a GTX 960 2 GB desktop card that runs SL well enough to have shadows enabled most of the time. It's real limitation is only having 2 GB video RAM. If anything is weak in the laptop specs, I say it's the CPU, but that's going to be the case with most laptops anyway. Laptop processors often have a relatively low frequency compared to their desktop counterparts. While they do have high boost frequencies, they can't maintain them for very long due to thermal constraints. SL is very much limited by its single core performance. Th
  4. I have purchased male skins from Aeros because I like the detail work on them. However, they are older skins for men that don't exactly line up with some details on the mesh body and head that I use, and no scripted appliers are included. Before BoM that meant only a system avatar could use them. With BOM, I can wear the Aeros skins AND fix things I don't like on them by adding system tattoo layers. I made my own face using photo references by texture painting in Blender. I fixed the navel, nipples, fingernails, and toenails. I also toned down the contrast of the skin using my own semi-tr
  5. Try this debug setting: FSLinuxEnableWin32VoiceProxy: Use Win32 SLVoice.exe for voice. Needs wine (https://www.winehq.org/) installed, as SLVoice.exe is started inside wine.
  6. Now there's an idea! How about just making avatars normal human size for a change? And then making buildings and furniture to scale? Make it hard for those 3 meter giants to fit through the doorways. It would make every sim seem bigger (or smaller in a way to those who want to be giants). OK, I know this will never happen grid wide, but I haven't finished my first cup of coffee yet...
  7. Both Kokua and Cool VL Viewer are capable of rendering invisiprims in ALM. It comes in handy when using Trudeau yachts, for example.
  8. I know of one that's 1792m square, which is the equivalent of 49 sims in area. There are probably larger ones than that. I have no technical knowledge of the issues such large sims may have.
  9. Opensim has Varregions which can be many times the standard 256m square found in Second Life. Thus, the code exists to make larger regions, but it's not used for Second Life.
  10. This is the way materials should be used. I'd add that these 32 bit textures can often be much lower resolution than the diffuse map they are used with on a UV mapped object, and they will look just as good without taking too much video memory. Any creator making textures should test their creations under a wide variety of lighting conditions using ALM before calling them 'done,' not just A-12pm (Midday) or whatever their favorite preset might be.
  11. It's not overkill. In Second Life you need all the single core processor performance you can get. Don't waste any more money on a Mac. In fact, don't waste too much money on a laptop in general. Here is something that would do nicely for Second Life and blow any Mac of equivalent pricing out of the water: https://www.newegg.com/bonfire-black-asus-tuf-gaming-a15-fa506iu-nb53/p/N82E16834235505
  12. Thank you! I learned something new. I have always conflated 'bandwidth' with total rezzing speed.
  13. A quick search reveals you have a laptop of some kind. Your video card is more than capable enough. The CPU is a bit of a bottleneck. Modern games are designed to use more cores/threads, but Second Life isn't optimized like that. It is hoped that this could change in the future. I'd recommend setting a draw distance no higher than 128 meters and turning off shadows (you can leave advanced lighting enabled with ambient occlusion on). If you have good internet, try increasing the viewer bandwidth to 1500 kbit/s. If others have more operating system specific recommendations, I'll leave it up
  14. Unlike most games you've played, Second Life isn't as dependent on your graphics card as much as it is on the single-threaded performance of your CPU. "Ultra" setting in Second Life viewers isn't necessarily a good thing to use. The draw distance will heavily impact your framerates. If you do start with "Ultra" then go into the advanced settings and try a draw distance of 128 meters. The second factor that impacts framerate heavily will be shadows. Granted, pretty shadows are hard to live without. You'll get more help from others in the forum if you go to the "Help" menu of your Second Life or
  15. If the person you rented from won't respond to you, there isn't anything you can do about the loss. Was payment made through Caspervend? A lot of landowners use Caspervend boxes which will provide the renter information about payment, prims, and time left on the rental. Don't rent from someone who is themselves renting from a landowner unless you already trust them.
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