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  1. @Tanjee, Singularity doesn't block. And it is still WL. I've been running the last nightly build 8419 (released this month) for a week, and it seems fine. Downloads are here: http://www.singularityviewer.org/kb/nightly-builds
  2. I think Firestorm has some bug(s) regarding the texture memory. I visited Kiyori sim last month with Firestorm and Singularity. Firestorm eventually crashed, but not before taking up all 16 GB of system memory and going into HD swap space. Singularity ran for a couple of hours without issue. The tooltip on Enable Streamed VBOs says that AMD cards might have poor performance when enabled, but in my experience this is not true. What I meant is that the tooltip was written long before the RX 4xx/5xx series of cards was made. Turn on VBOs and see how it goes.
  3. Yes, because Firestorm has that 2048 MB maximum, unlike Singularity. You could enable advanced lighting and turn off shadows. I also think you should be able to check Enable Streamed VBOs (The tooltip has outdated information, likely applicable to 10 year old AMD/ATI graphics cards.)
  4. I run Firestorm on Ubuntu Linux with a Sapphire Nitro+ RX 580 8 GB video card, and I never notice texture thrashing. Sometimes a texture on an object may take longer to load. I use other viewers as well. Only the official viewer (a version compiled to run on Linux) tends to have texture thrashing due to the texture memory limit that the official viewer has by default. Restrained Love and Kokua viewers are a bit odd in that setting the 2GB maximum seems to cause issues. Marine Kelley recommends a setting of 1552 MB for texture memory, which seems to be sufficient most of the time. On Singularit
  5. About what, specifically? I do not disagree with anything in Trinity1776's post. The cost of Intel Macs is high because that's what Apple charges for the whole computer. Anyone who builds computers can buy an Intel Core i7-10700K 8 core/16 thread processor with a motherboard for around US$500. Add RAM, a case, a power supply and accessories, and one has a powerful desktop computer for around US$1000. And if graphics cards were actually selling for MSRP, one could build a very powerful gaming computer for under US$1500 which would STOMP on any Mac of equivalent pricing.
  6. Well, I doubt XFCE is the cause of these issues. Adding Mate to your Ubuntu installation is easy enough, but I don't think you need to do this. There could be a corruption of data in your Firestorm installation. If your Firestorm installation is in your /home directory, rename it and install Firestorm again from a freshly extracted tar.xz. If you installed it to /opt, then 'sudo mv /opt/firestorm-install /opt/firestorm-install_backup'. Then extract a fresh tar.xz and 'sudo ./install.sh' from within the extracted folder. See if it all works as it should and then delete the backup. If the p
  7. Trying another viewer could help determine whether it is something specific to Firestorm or not. https://sourceforge.net/projects/kokua.team-purple.p/files/Kokua-SL/ http://www.singularityviewer.org/kb/nightly-builds I had a hunch at first that the file indexing software used by Gnome 3 or KDE might have been affecting hard drive access. It is one reason I prefer Mate desktop.
  8. Going to take a leap here, but which desktop environment? Gnome 3? KDE? What happens if you run a different viewer, like Kokua or Singularity?
  9. This is something I've noticed in Kokua 6.4.13, which I'm guessing is using the most recent EEP rendering code available to 3rd party devs. I have at times tinkered with the debug settings for shadow rendering, and in this case I may have a solution which you can test. Open Debug Settings and look for RenderShadowErrorCutoff. Set it to 0.100 (default is 5.000) and see if the Sun/Moon light shines through mesh anymore. Test using an early morning or late afternoon sky. I would be curious to hear from any devs as to why values between 0.500 and 5.000 (default) allow the Sun/Moon light to ignore
  10. Since when? Lately I find myself using Singularity (latest nightly beta 8419) more than Firestorm, and I am quite familiar with the limitations of the official viewer. Singularity takes great pictures.
  11. I'm looking at my inventory, and the Avatar 2.0 I have may not be the latest version. The Avatar 2.0 Neck Extension is included in the Bonus Items box. Once you wear the body and Neck Extension, you use a skin applier. The M3 head is not fixed in place. It can be edited and moved up and down, forward and backward, etc. There is no way to completely remove the seam. It is expected that one will wear hair and use a hairbase applier made specifically for that head. The M3 is not a Bento head and thus will not have facial animations like newer heads for men and women. Other options exist for anime
  12. I'm seeing a trend. Apple fans are going to hail it as the best thing since sliced bread, telling people how amazingly fast and humongously better it is than the previous generations of underpowered and overpriced Intel-based Mac (which is all they've known since they never bought a powerful gaming computer), all while ignoring the fact that any 5 year old gaming PC with at least an Intel i3 & Nvidia GTX 960 can still run Second Life better than an M1 Mac. Meanwhile, some will believe the hype and pay an exorbitant price for a product from a 'lifestyle company' (Intel's own words) and come
  13. I'm only using Linux viewers, some of which are more updated with LL code than the last release of Firestorm. I'm going to guess that you tried the LMR 5 RC viewer? As for specular issues, it is hard to know for sure what to expect anymore. I tried a Linux compiled version of the LL viewer from earlier this month and found that the specularity was still high, like Firestorm. The Linux version of Kokua has low specularity, apparently from newer code. Just this morning Kokua has released 6.4.13 for Windows, so I'm awaiting their Linux compiled version later today or tomorrow. An Alchemy Lin
  14. Step 1: Go to the inventory folder Library > Environments > Skies, and pick a sky you like. Step 2: Right-click on the sky you want to edit and copy/paste it to your inventory Settings folder. Step 3: Right-click on the sky in your settings folder and 'open' it. Step 4: Same as OP Step 5: Same as OP Step 6: Save as a new sky. Step 7: Right-click on the sky in your inventory and apply to yourself or use the quick prefs and locate it on the list of skies.
  15. Someone mentioned this in one of the other threads on this topic: There is a product by Shergood Aviation available in marketplace called the SA GPS/Transponder HUD which uses media to show a resizable world map. It is certainly worth the cost to me even if the viewer world map suddenly starts working again since I like having this quick view of the surrounding sims while flying, boating, and driving around the continents.
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