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  1. This is gonna be another one of my noob questions, but do omega appliers work on BOM avatars? I'm currently full BOM, but I bought some skin and face shines that also have omega appliers. Would those omega appliers work on a fully BOM avi? Is there something that I need to do to make them work, or something that I could do to make my avi be omega enabled? I want to get one of the face shines to work, but I don't know if it's even possible. Also, I have the same question for hair bases as well that have no BOM layers, but are 'omega'. Could these kinds of hair bases work on a full B
  2. So... I recently played gacha in a seller's store and didn't receive the items. I played 3 times for 3 different gachas and only got 1 item, rather than 3 items for the amount of times I played. What do I do? I don't think this is an unboxing issue, as I went to a non-laggy region to rez the boxes and copied the items to my inventory, only to notice that there's nothing in the folders except a notecard or landmark, or a script. This is my first time playing gacha, so this is a little upsetting and discouraging to say the least. I would've thought that playing gacha inside a reputable sell
  3. Hi all. I’m new to SL and have periodically been trying to get the hang of things. I saw that Genus recently came back and that they have a gift head, but I’m having trouble applying it. I’m trying to use it with a BOM skin, but when I put on the head and tried to add the HUD to enable its BOM feature, the universal HUD did not appear at all. I had no other HUDs on that could be blocking it, so I’m very confused as to why this is happening. I’ve been trying to get the hang of SL for a while now and am super exhausted, and for each new thing I seem to learn and understand, something new pops up
  4. Thank you everyone for all of your advice and help! I appreciate it greatly, and it has helped me a lot so far. This is A LOT of information to take in, and I’m probably going to have to re-read this thread about 50 times before I fully process it all, but I really appreciate the amount of detail in the answering. Super helpful! ❤️
  5. Hi. So I'm VERY new at Second Life and virtually know absolutely nothing about it or anything about what I'm doing, so please bare with me as I try to explain my issues. Since I'm a noob, I've been scoping out the freebie spots as a means to improve my avatar a bit and feeling out the game a bit before deciding if I would want to invest real money into this. I stumbled across a free head by Dream, and it's the Ciara Bento Head (https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Dream-Gift-Ciara-BENTO-Mesh-Head-BOM-stayathome/19279327), and I'd also found a new body, and it's the e-Body curvy versi
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