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  1. I've heard of BeYou but no idea where to find it. I did hear it can get expensive, but I'm not sure how either. I'm interested if you find out more about it.
  2. Regardless of who the money goes to it's MONEY regardless. I don't care if it's used to fund your adopted chimpanzee in an Africa sanctuary for Primates. The point is that these people paid for it. And honestly I don't know about your "core product" because I've never bought from you. I viewed your store and saw the collars. So no, not everyone knows that. Don't think so highly of yourself that everyone knows about your product. I had never heard of you until today.
  3. Imagine paying 1.2k Lindens for a collar only to have the maker turn into into a spam machine. Troll or no troll, you've got to see how that's messed up, @Wendy Starfall
  4. Optional entertainment doesn't count as a necessity, though. A company like Second Life is under no obligation to change anything, despite the times we are living in. It will only hurt them and us in the long run if they go bankrupt.
  5. I'm sorry for interjecting something completely useless, but since this entire thread is useless I guess it doesn't matter. *eats popcorn*
  6. I took a couple of days to post this because I, honestly, I wasn't sure if I wanted to make this public of go straight to a Linden. I had to gather my thoughts and finally decided. In this public avenue all I'll say is that I'm no longer going to use my child avatar. Having people say it's weird really didn't phase me because I knew what my intentions were and still know there are good child avies out there. However, after late Friday (ironically not long after my last post here) I encountered something that made my skin crawl. I still know that there are good child avies out there but I can n
  7. Understandable and really a good rule to go by on Second Life in general
  8. Thank you! Resizing the eyes (I failed to click both L & R last time) and it worked.
  9. You were exactly right, thank you! Such a simple answer yet I would have fumbled with it for hours more probably. Bonus question: any idea why my eyes are sunk in? It's not ridiculous but the eye depth is a bit more than I would like. Is there a way to fix that?
  10. No idea what I'm doing wrong but my avie looks odd with black hair and white eyebrows. Can anyone tell me how to fix this? They are the shape I want, just not the color. I thought maybe I needed to pick hair base color (since I don't see an eyebrows option) but if that is the correct method then I'm not doing something right because that's not working either.
  11. @Matty LuminosSadly not uncommon. Like I said in my original post, I think pretty much any place described as a "kid's place" in search is a hive for very seedy stuff! I hope you this experience didn't make you dislike all child avies. They're are some good ones out there, I promise. Just sometimes they are the less vocal and don't stand out as much.
  12. I can't help OP with their request, but I completely understand where it comes from. Just like it's nice to have friends who are interested in the same television series as you it is great to find people who have similar lives as you because there is just a connection there that others won't get. I fully support the LGBTQ community but I don't live it so in that sense I'll never fully understand the some things that many LGBTQ people just accept as a part of life. My frame of reference can only relate so far, as does everyone's. Some people here are really misconstruing what OP meant. I d
  13. I often hang around Eastern inspired Sims. I know plenty historical sims, and a few modern ones too but I've yet to find an ancient folklore based one. Having said that, I'll ask around, and since I sim hop so much I'll keep an eye out in this area.
  14. I don't as of this instance have a Star Wars character, in fact I never thought about this king of RP, but now that I have I'm extremely interested. Thanks for planting the seed for me to think on. I hope you find someone who meets your RP needs! P.S. I'm sorry to ask you this in your thread, but could you IM or tell me here some good Star Wars sims to visit if I want to start this journey, but as a rouge, untrained youngling sith?
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