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  1. I wasn't super hungry today, I haven't been for a little while, but I did make some homemade queso dip with an unopened bag of chips I got the other week. It was pretty good and I have plenty left over if I get hungry later tonight.
  2. Fine at the moment, earlier today I was miserable. My mental health doctor is nowhere to be heard of. He's not returning calls. I hope he's okay, and his family as well, but I sincerely hope he's not social distancing himself even on the phone. He has a ton of patients, myself being one of them. I really could have used a chat earlier today. I'm sure tomorrow will be a repeat, and if so I will try to call him again.
  3. For the past week I've been finding myself off and on needing to take a moment to decompress so this thread is appreciated. This is why I came back to SL, to escape a bit. Sadly, escapism only goes so far and when I start to worry I worry hard.
  4. What's the avatar age limit on Amiville? How many days?
  5. (No longer needed at this point Thank you!)
  6. Yes, and no at the same time. I really bounce between having faith and being scared out of my mind. My mind has gone over every possibility that I can think of, or have heard of off TV and at times I find comfort in just knowing this will end, while at other times I feel dread of not knowing when or how it will end. I'm trying not to fret too much when I get in my worrying spell, it won't change anything anyway. Please try to stay safe everyone!
  7. It's a combination of two names I like: Fern, and the fantasy name Clariel. In-world I go by Clari, however.
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