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  1. JessieStanwick is right. anyone can do this so easily. those scripts are being sold on market even for free. i saw many people crashing parcels from next parcel. in fact it s very simple. u ban a person from your parcel. he lands to the parcel next to you. and starts attcking sim with those cheap huds.. and everyone on the sim disconnects. u tell it to sim owner. he estate bans that person. but that person comes with another avi next day and screws the sim again..LL dont do anyhting about these people. i dont know why. i think ll already surrendered to a few poor griefers. they dont even band them from sl eventhough they r reported. weird
  2. do an area search which is sub menu of world... blacklist every item which isnt yours. that may help. i have an island. my neighbour puts stupid offshore items which has many scripts. they effect my parcel. so i blacklist his items and problem is solved. but anyone who visits my sim experience same lag. so this solution effects only me. not anyone who visits my place
  3. do u know a simple script than tcan do that? because i cant find any. i ve been looking for 2 days
  4. hi i uploaded 4 wav files. a1-a2-a3-a4 and i put them in a box. i need a script which makes a user to touch the object and start listening those files in order. but cant find any script which can do that. i found a script, but only i can touch the box and listen the song. when someone else touches the box, song doesnt start do u know simple script which can do that?
  5. thanks. weird i saw pepople doing that on youtube..but thanks with a quick try it worked now with the link u gave me
  6. i have just downloaded blender 2.8 i created an avatar and used basic human meta rig armature for rigging. i think thats the default armature for blender 2.8 i did everythnig -x thing and other stuff for exporting as collada. when i try to upload rigged mesh into second life, include skin weight is greyed out. so i cant upload rigged avatar into second life. what may i be doing wrong?
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