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  1. I've rented various homes and parcels but my Linden home has been my main home since the end of January. I do wish I had more LI for decorating but not enough to pay for a rental at the moment.
  2. I love seeing the things that you create! It's really inspiring and makes me feel that I should try and build more myself.
  3. Well, I don't know if it's a server glitch but there seem to be lots of vics available in Quixote now.
  4. Since my alt has secured a Vic that backs onto the ocean, I will be giving up my seaside view Vic in Pudding. It's a second row vic and has a view of the ocean to the left hand side. if you derender some trees it's a great view. You could even derender the house in front of it! With so many Vics being abandoned for log homes, I don't know if if will help to do a timed abandon. But if you think you might be interested please message me - I'm in the UK so am on BST at the moment and am 8 hours ahead of SLT.
  5. I love the seaside Victorians, and just got one that backs onto the ocean. My big plan is to get a train. I haven't joined the Train Engineers list yet but it's on my erm...list So yes, planning on exploring more of Belli via train or something else that uses the tracks. Happy to take passengers in the future but can't guarantee that I won't accidentally crash at the beginning! 😄
  6. I believe the results of that confetti can be seen in Belli today! But possibly only before noon!
  7. Just adding to this because it is possible to get Vics. They may not always be in, say a water location but they are out there. Just need to keep refreshing. Also, and I wish I knew who mentioned this on the thread, but if you get the dreaded 10 minute time out just log out of secondlife.com and log back in again. You can start again without having to wait for ten minutes. Again big thanks to the person who shared that first.
  8. Alt just picked up a Vic in Pudding. Will release it when I get home (probably 20 minutes time).
  9. I have a mailbox, but so far, haven't had any notes from visitors. Perhaps I should add some floating text to it. I don't mind people visiting while I'm not there.
  10. Oh I know I'm deluding myself, but I can dream right?
  11. I'm very grateful for posters in this thread but an official release list from LL with regions, dates and times of release would be so helpful. At least then we could plan around it rather than having to guess.
  12. My alt accidentally grabbed this and then let go! It is a remarkable parcel and should be someone's forever home
  13. My alt just released the Vic in Little Sandsbury. Little ponds all around.
  14. I'm so sorry that this has happened to you. I wonder if they're trying to get you to abandon your place? Whatever their reason, it's awful and if I can help in anyway I will. Bullies are the worst.
  15. Alt is about to release a Victorian in the middle of Demitasse.
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