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  1. I'm struggling looking for easy to follow and understand tutorials, with (and this is key) Someone using updated software for building with and exporting to SL. I'm looking to just befriend someone who does it currently, and gain access to a discord where we can swap information from time to time when we hit walls. I joined about 6-10 groups in SL, and all are relatively non responsive, which is fine. Nobody get's paid to run support here... but I would like a friend like minded who enjoys building mesh, animating or rigging it. Disclaimer: Before I get responses back I would like to give a list of things I have already tried that have failed me and or are not without a mountain of time wasted and/or aggravating to follow and listen to, this list is not intended to personally attack anyone, but I know some of you may take offense because these people are pillars in the community. I'm sure they are lovely people but if I have trouble, then I'm having trouble... that's just facts. 1. Mayastar plugin: I bought it, and there is little to zero support for learning how to use it. Tutorials for it are outdated software, and you have to filter through many to hear information (for many hours) to learn things don't match up. I am getting errors even with a fresh scene using this plugin. I have dropped a support request, I have watched the tutorials. This has been very unnecessarily laborious. Reaching out to the group for it has resulted in nothing. Listening to 45 minutes of giggles, Okay, So, and Ums.. till I want to rip my hair out.. 30mins to tell me to click one button.. If I sound upset... I am. Even a written note card script would of been better than these video tutorials. That's great if YOU had a better experience... awesome.. but it has not been =my= experience. 2. Youtube & Google: Before you say these are your best answer for me.. Yes, I know how to use them. Again, outdated or irrelevant currently. Or I simply have not found that one magical tutorial that explains it. I'm not trying to sound like a jerk.. I just don't want someone to feel the need to post the most obvious answer and feel like an Eisenstein. If you actually got help from a video series I'll shut-up and pay attention to it, just slap me the recommended list. I am passionately willing to learn it. I just want someone who can teach. 3. You got glitter bombed. CONCLUSION: Do you make mesh? Want to add me and be mesh making buddies? Please send me a message. I swear to god I'm not a jerk.. I'm just exhausted with bread crumbs and need a meal. Autodesk Products: Maya, Mudbox etc. Substance Painter and Adobe Software. It's not help with the software I need, it's help understanding making things compatible for SL with updated software.
  2. The only thing I see missing in this, referring to the main post... Is the PRICEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Life happens and damn 300$ a month to babysit a bunch of people you can never please... people get tired. Linden Labs, the price is outrageous for land... it's a *&^%%$ car payment. It's a ROTH IRA, it's a lot of things.. It's too much for having nothing to show for it when it's gone...
  3. Holy crap, it's been 10 years now, 10 stinking years have ripped by and I've not seen a great vampire sim since Legacies sims disappeared. It's like all the vampires buffs I find are just totally rancid and old avatars... Can I get some Anne Rice love you feel me? Anyways, if that was too abstract to understand from random synapses in my mind... I'm looking for people who do the dark vampire roleplay... the good stuff... Where you really consider what the hell you're going to say next. Some talented people that really push me to be on my A game and keep it interesting. Sounds Ideal I know... but am I alone on this? Where did all the roleplaying vampires go... And I don't mean the sit around and look pretty with their 30 family members... I want role players that turn up music and turn out the lights when they type. Let's do this!!! PM ME
  4. Your role as a parent is to teach your kids how to handle the world, not hide them from the inevitable, once of course at a mental capacity to understand what it is you're teaching them.... And the reality is this is our world, Secondlife is just a branch of it. The people that exist in Secondlife are very real in real life. Here are the Pro's and Con's I see. Pros 1. Preparing them how to face inappropriate adults, and avenues they can take to protect themselves from online predators. 2. How to be responsible with the internet and keep their private information private. 3. There are a lot of things that can and will go wrong. It is better now to learn how to handle them than when they get older. (A mild example, breakups) 4. They will learn to communicate. It is a great platform for creative writing, building, and even offers a multitude of free classes for learning different languages and how to use desktop media. 5. Money management, they will get to use money to purchase items, and be forced to make choices on things they can afford and or earn money to get the things they want. learning how to be a discerning buyer is absolutely relevant. 6. It's a scriptors / coder paradise, and that's good job security. And a great place to find if they have interest in doing such things. Cons: 1. SL does have an age limit. It's absolutely littered with pedophiles. There are groups of Fetlife ones that wander SL specifically looking for children. And a lot of adults that play children that (from my experience don't attack me) Have deep rooted issues with their own childhoods and are probably not the type of people you would ideally desire your child to play with. Child avatars are adults in real world and are often 40yr old men. 2. I suggest they play with their REAL life friends, and you buy or rent them a place where they can be safe from strangers. They can still play the game, but in a controlled area you dedicate for them, with a list of approved only sims they can go to, with Adult settings not activated on their viewers. 3. You will need to supervise their friends, and login yourself to understand this 'game.' 4. SL doesn't burn a lot of calories. 5. They will see naked bodies all the time... SL is just slow to load T-shirts and pants. My parents had a very off hands approach to raising me, they gave me good advice but never lead by example. I was able to observe life from another perspective and decide on my own what consequences I thought were worth learning. If you keep them in a basket, then who do you trust to teach them when they are out of it? Expose them so they are prepared for reality. (This does not apply to porn.. I do not advocate that in any way shape or form.) P.S. My outlook and opinion are not going to be debated here with everyone. We'd be here for an eternity we all have different experiences and outlooks, and outcomes from our rearing. The post asked for our opinions there you go. We are all spliced different and you just got to know your kids. But what I said in my post is spoken from experience, not guesses or assumptions. And what I said about Fetlife Pedophile groups is real, have your doubts, but I'll continue knowing. How or why I know is no shame of mine, but it is a reality. You make your own post and comment on the topic, enjoy!
  5. 1. I did look at the marketplace reviews. All 36 are old minus one negative review that is the most current. 2. I have been gone a while and catching up to how the new skeleton works, and Animesh, so I'm concerned if Mayastar is updated and worked out kinks to be fluid for use. 3. I have googled youtube videos, and I'm failing at finding anything up to date. 4. I even joined the in world group for 450L and got no responses. 5. My goal here is seeking the opinions of current users of Mayastar, and my questions for you are: Does it work? Is it relevant? Is it worth getting? What am I missing is this a necessary plugin? And what about it do you like and not like? What do I need to know? What advice would you give yourself going in? Is there a place you're getting good information from?
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