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  1. Soooo.. i started a facebook and a flirck page for my avatar but happens that i don't have any friends there yet, so if you would like to be friends add me or follow me and i'll follow back haha :X also can add me in world (LuaLoveU) Links: https://www.facebook.com/lualove.loveu.5 https://www.flickr.com/photos/189011286@N07/?
  2. oh hey all:) sorry i didn't saw that had more replies, thank you all for the welcoming back, i think i had sent friend request to all that said me to, if i miss someone please send to me (LuaLoveU). Also the people that said wb but didn't ask for me to add i hadn't add so in case wanna chat or hang sometime, feel free to add hugs to all
  3. can i get an application as well, please? 😀
  4. i have 1l but yes i will try the fishing games, gonna google about that to see how it works gonna grab the free stuff first then after i go for the other stuff, i don't want to put real money in here, at least will try for now, if i find my niche i may just upgrade, will see
  5. OMG!!! wow you guys rock! this is super helpful now i feel more oriented and know what to look for, somethings i didn't really understood but i can google it for the details thank you all really!
  6. Hey guys, i took a big break from sl, but now i'm back and ready to explore and have some fun. I'm very easy going, chill kind of person, i'm introvert but i love to make friends and hang out, shop, group games, explore sl and would like to meet people to attend events, do races or any activities in sl, also open to experiment some rp (not really good at it but can be fun xD) If you would like to get to know me please IM in-world LuaLoveU
  7. Hi there, i just come back to sl after a long break, when i played it didn't exist mesh... so yeah, been away loooong time. Because of that i have no clue ofwhat is fashionable and quality this days, also no lindens since i can't find a job :X soooo i'm pleading for any help you could give me, advices, places to go that have good free gifts, freebies, games to win fashion prizes, etc. that kind of tips would help so much! thank you in advance for helping!
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