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  1. That's been there for a while. I've seen this a year ago. I thought it was cool to have a bright and colorful club because it contrasts with most of the city. Although inside the club does look different now..
  2. Hangars Liquides should be preserved! There have been times I signed on solely to explore HL! There's so much to see, all the locations, the apartments are so nice, the gallery is informative and important artwork, the place where you can relax and sit while the chairs rotate is very chill! I love the beach house, that's my favorite part of the sim to be honest because it's so relaxing. But really, every where of that sim has awesome architecture and design. This isn't some sim that was thrown together with a bunch of other creators' products. This is seriously art. It shouldn't be debated whether it's art or not, whether it's worthy or not. HL a huge work of art that's clearly appreciated by many people. It's obviously not easy or quick to make 3d art and all these designs Djehan spent all her time on. This sim shouldn't be gone just like that! it's been on SL for so long and has a legit a community. Linden Labs, allow people to rent apartments so this sim stays up. PLEASE! Even just walking around is a great experience. I've met a few great people at HL as well.
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