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  1. Ooooh I need to check that out. I've been occupied with decorating since i got my House on tuesday LOL it's so addicting!!! But I definitely need to read up on linking, resizing mesh objects and why lots of my objects disappear if i walk a few steps back! Wow, it's really been a long time i've been homeless.. about 7 years? Haha Congrats to every new house owner here!
  2. just now - and i got it! i had to type in a name manually but I MADE IT! can't believe it. Good luck to you all ❤️
  3. Woohoo!! Thanks! I soak in every bit I can! Love the love you give to us homeless Bellisserians ♥
  4. "what do we want?" "BELLI HOMES!" "when do we want it?" "NOW!"
  5. I really can understand why they put us in a timeout and I really am Pro releasing only a few and contra waiting list but UGH i can't... WHY?!?!? Argh!!!!!! Erck... Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!
  6. no worries! just told you i went and looked at the dropped house and found it hilarious no wonder you crashed - look at all the people! we're at 49 now!
  7. It's my first time and i love the vibe - reminds me a lot of the "old" SL
  8. I would be happiest with a House Boat because my Avatar is a half time Mermaid.
  9. i'm going to SCREAM if i have to read "Meadowbrook" one more time in the next 10 hours!
  10. Does it automatically click on the "next" button, checks the terms and services and sends it? Or nah
  11. LOL I'll join you. In about half a year we're opening up a Pub called "The Great Depression"! Cheers
  12. When will the new batch of houses be released today? Does anyone know?
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