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  1. A friend of mine uses the Speedlight viewer (not sure what os/system/etc) to connect for chat in sl during her work day. A nifty feature I found that I liked right off was that her autoresponse uses variables, such as "username" to respond to a message, for example: [09:45] Avatar Name (Avatar.Name) : Skot, I've received your IM and will get back with you as soon as possible. Question 1 is, is there a list of variables somewhere that we can use to betetr customize our experience/responses? Question 2: Is this available for use this in the regular viewer and/or Firestorm viewer?
  2. Thanks to everyone who answered the poll Here is the result: Final Results of Bellisseria Home Poll Again, thanks to everyone who took a moment and responded!
  3. Hey all, With Patch's permission, I've created a survey to get a sense of what types of homes you're all looking forward to owning on Bellisseria. The link is here: Bellisseria Home Poll Please cast your vote, only once, for what you home you are waiting for on the Bellisseria contient. The results will be made known tomorrow after 5pm PST. Thanks!
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