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  1. 4 minutes ago, AmberWildcool said:


    I got the uploading fine ~ but how to write something under/above picture is beyond me & now i have  posted & cannot find were to delete the error topics ~ i can see why newbie is my status:)))))

    Hi Amber, when you click 'edit' on your original post, you'll get the opportunity to go back and add any text or another picture, just underneath it. Then you can submit/save it again.


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  2. BlackAndWhiteChallenge.jpg

    A crisp black and white photo always gives me a feeling of nostalgia and brings back memories of looking through my mom's old photo albums. Black and white images just have a certain charm that somehow vanishes when color appears. 

    This week, I challenge you to take a black and white picture in Second Life. If you don't have any photo processing software, no worries, check out the black and white filter in the snapshot menu.

    1. Hit the snapshot button in your toolbar.
    2. Choose the 'save to disk' option.
    3. Change the Filter to 'Black & White.'
    4. Then hit the save button.

    Here's the raw screenshot:


    To participate in this challenge, take a black and white picture in Second Life and share it here!

    If you decide to do this challenge and post it on any social networks, don’t forget to use the hashtags #SecondLifeChallenge and #BlackAndWhiteChallenge. You can also add your images to the Second Life Challenge Flickr Group as well as the Official Second Life Group

    Thanks for participating in the challenges!

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  3. Second Life Dance Challenge.jpg

    I know I've been slacking in the challenges department lately, but the SL17B employee campaign kept me busy for the whole month of June. Then in July, I had so much on my plate. Now that we're in August, I hope to get back to doing these more often.

    Yesterday for fun I decided to do some dancing using both of my Strawberry avatars. You can watch the full video on my Strawberry Singh Flickr page at this link

    All work and no play makes Berry a dull girl

    To participate in this challenge, take a picture or video of your Second Life avatar dancing! Share your image or video in this post!

    If you decide to do this challenge and post it on any social networks, don’t forget to use the hashtags #SecondLifeChallenge and #DanceChallenge. You can also add your images and videos to the Second Life Challenge Flickr Group as well as the Official Second Life Group

    Looking forward to seeing your dances, especially because I need to buy some more, my inventory is severely lacking in dances!

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  4. Good morning and happy Friday! Here are today's featured employees, meet Natty, Nazz, Rocko, and Ruivomax Linden!

    Natty Linden.jpg

    Nazz Linden.jpg

    Rocko Linden.jpg

    Ruivomax Linden.jpg

    These are the final employee images I’ll be sharing for this campaign. Of course, we have many more employees, but this campaign was purely on a volunteer basis and these 47 that I’ve shared over the past few weeks are the ones that volunteered to share a bit about themselves with the community. Thank you to all those that volunteered and participated!

    I also wanted to give a big thank you to both Nazz Linden and Steeltoe Linden for helping me with this campaign. Nazz gave me the idea and Steeltoe helped me with the design. Big shout out to both of them!

    I was happy to see such a positive response to this campaign and I really appreciate all the kind and encouraging comments you’ve left for them. I hope to do more similar campaigns in the future and continue to introduce our wonderful employees to the community. You can see all of the images I’ve shared in our Employee Flickr Album

    SL17B is open until July 12th, please continue visiting and enjoy it with us. You can share your birthday images in our official Birthday Celebrations Flickr Group. May we have many more years together! ❤️ 


    Also, don't forget to catch the moles today at SL17B at Meet the Moles! Here's the live stream link: 


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  5. Happy Thursday! Here are today's featured employees, meet Darcy, Kyle, and Derrick Linden!

    Darcy Linden.jpg

    Kyle Linden.jpg

    Derrick Linden.jpg

    See more employee images in our Employee Flickr Album!


    Catch Darcy today, along with the rest of the Marketing team (Brett, Tara, Maveric, and Strawberry) on Meet the Lindens at 2pm PT/SLT in the SL17B Auditorium, with host Saffia Widdershins! Or watch it live on our YouTube channel!


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  6. SL17B is now open! Come and celebrate with us: 

    Meet today's featured employees, Guendoline, Volo, Tommy, and Dottie Linden!

    Guendoline Linden.jpg

    Volo Linden.jpg

    Tommy Linden.jpg

    Dottie Linden.jpg

    I will be posting even more employees next week, starting Monday! Also remember, we have Meet the Lindens at SL17B next week, with different Lindens each day, details here: 

    All Lindens that are appearing for Meet the Lindens have also volunteered for this employee social campaign and I will be posting their images next week before their interviews; if I haven't already done so. 

    Have a wonderful weekend and come celebrate 17 years of Second Life with us!

    See all employee images in our Employee Flickr Album






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  7. Hi everyone!

    We’re celebrating 17 years of Second Life this June and we’d like to introduce you to some of our employees that keep our beloved virtual world up and running. We’ll be doing this throughout the month! The SL17B celebrations begin on June 19th, make sure to check the featured blogs section for updates on that soon. 

    I will be posting a few employee images a day on our official Flickr account first, and then probably on the rest of the social networks as well as this forum post. 

    Today's featured employees are Wendi, April, and Izzy Linden!

    Wendi Linden.jpg

    April Linden.jpg

    Izzy Linden.jpg


    Keep scrolling for more employee pics, or check them all out in our Employee Flickr Album!


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  8. FavBrandsChallenge.png

    I've been getting so many requests for more of these Instagram story challenges, you might be seeing even more soon. The first favorites challenge and the this or that challenge were quite popular, so this time I decided to expand the favorites challenge to specific creators for different categories. You can put more than one creator in each category, and you can also cross out my chosen categories and put your own preferred ones. Hopefully we'll all discover more creators to shop from!

    To participate in the challenge, download the blank template and fill it out using Photoshop, or any imaging and graphic design software. You can also use pixlr.com for free without installing any software. Or, you can just answer in text below!

    If you decide to do this challenge and post it on any social networks, don’t forget to use the hashtags #SecondLifeChallenge and #SecondLifeFavoritesChallenge. You can also add your images to the Second Life Challenge Flickr Group as well as the Official Second Life Group.  Also, if you want to, tag the creators you list as your favorite so they can feel the love!

    Thank you for participating in the challenges! Stay safe, stay home, stay virtual!

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