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  1. Details on the blog.
  2. Click over to YouTube to watch the video.
  3. "When I don’t know what to wear, I usually default to a preppy look. Unpretentiously preppy, that is and here’s a preppy summer outfit for you..." Read more on the blog.
  4. "For July, Cica Ghost has offered her latest installation for people to enjoy. Summertime is a reminder that summer days can be, for all of us, “the best of what might be”, as her quote from Charles Bowden, the late American journalist, essayist and author, reminds us. It’s also a reminder that despite all the shadows cast by the current SARS-CoV-2 situation, happier, brighter, days will come along." Read more on the blog.
  5. "I did lots of overtime working on Thursday so that day was completely out for blogging and on Friday I got to play animal crossing all day long. It was amazing! I probably had too many silly snacks but I also binge-watched She-ra again." Read more on the blog.
  6. "Today is a slow starter so I don’t have a lot to say. When I was putting this scene together, I kept thinking about how I would love to have a shecave of my own in the real world. A place that has screened in areas and plants just so I can get some sun and relax away from my dad sometimes." Read more on the blog.
  7. “If you want to be a good archeologist, you gotta get out of the library!” Read more on the blog.
  8. "Takuya’s and Hikaru’s Birthday party! it’s our real-life birthday and we are celebrating it with you! We have a theme, its ANGELS AND DEMONS, so get your styling done early so you can join us on Saturday at 2pm SLT!" Read more on the blog.
  9. "Good morning! Yay, it’s finally Friday and I have next week booked off RL work as annual leave! I wonder where I’ll go…maybe the front garden in the morning and the back garden in the afternoon…weather permitting!" Read more on the blog.
  10. Pictured: Glitch Social Each week, the Second Life Destination Guide editorial team reviews dozens of new locations and events worth exploring. With all those beautiful destinations to check out, we thought we’d highlight a few of the entries that stood out to the editorial team. Visit the Virtual Gen Con Welcome Center and learn how to participate in a Virtual Gen Con experience that runs from July 30th to August 2nd. You have to register for it early, so make sure to visit soon! Welcome Center: A Virtual Gen Con Experience Wish you could be gaming at Gen Con 2020? Visit the Welcome Center and learn how to participate in a virtual Gen Con experience that runs from July 30th to August 2nd. Learn more at www.vrazethebar.com and register for our events at www.gencon.com/online. Visit in Second Life We added some beautiful new regions to Editors' Picks this week: Glitch Social Glitch Social is a social hangout where you can make new friends. They also have karaoke daily, and music events weekly. It is a great photography place in the countryside! Visit in Second Life Saint Barth Island Saint Barth Island is a rainforest retreat with public sitting areas, walkable water, and boat rezzers to enjoy sight-seeing tours. There are jungle sights and sounds to take you away to that mystical place with magical windlights. Visit in Second Life Eris Isle Eris Isle is an explorers paradise. It is a place to get lost in, a place to discover beauty. Please enjoy the sights and be sure to check out the backdrops collection, art exhibits, sculpture garden, wedding venue, and so much more! Visit in Second Life Murder City shut down for renovations earlier this month, and now they are back taking us into the future once more! Murder City At Murder City you'll find neon lights, a bit of cyber, Scifi, futuristic, a bit of grunge, and a touch of danger. Come hang out, listen to music, take pics, and role-play is acceptable as well. Hunt for the hidden cash, the victims, and make new ones, friends that is! Everyone is welcome to come play at Murder City! Visit in Second Life There are also two new art installations to explore this week: Summertime by Cica Ghost ''Summertime is always the best of what might be.'' Charles Bowden Visit in Second Life Journey to the Center of a Fractal Earth “Journey to the Center of a Fractal Earth” brings together two of the artist's, Gem Preiz, passions: fractals and mineralogy. Our Universe, whose entropy is constantly increasing, nevertheless contains pockets of perfectly ordered crystals. 16 fractal discoveries await you, in rooms to which Delain Canucci has added her magic to bring the movement and life that are missing to my static productions. Visit in Second Life And finally, this is your last weekend to explore SL17B before it's gone forever! The last day of SL17B is July 12th, so teleport over now. Got a spot that you’d like listed in the Destination Guide? Make sure to drop us a note at editor@lindenlab.com or submit your spot via web form. Connect with Second Life on Social Media: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Flickr | Pinterest | Tumblr | Plurk | TikTok | Reddit | LinkedIn
  11. It's the most adorable day of the year, National Kitten Day! Adopt a virtual pet and add more adventure to your Second Life. Today's pic of the day is by Panda Banana. For a chance to have your image featured as the Second Life pic of the day, submit your work to the Official Second Life Flickr Group, but don't forget to read the rules! Connect with Second Life on Social Media: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Flickr | Pinterest | Tumblr | Plurk | TikTok | Reddit | LinkedIn
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