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Decade Challenge

Strawberry Linden
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As the new year begins, I thought I’d bring in the recent Decade Challenge to Second Life as a #SecondLifeChallenge. Here is an image of my original avatar from 2010, and then one from today. 


With the introduction of shadows, mesh heads, and even more realistic textures, it’s incredible to see the technical advances. I love the way both my avatars look though, no matter how dated. 

Participate in the Decade Challenge and share images of your avatar. If you haven’t been on SL for a decade, share the oldest image you have. 

If you decide to post this on any social networks, don’t forget to use the hashtags #SecondLifeChallenge and #DecadeChallenge. You can also add your images to the Second Life Challenge Flickr Group as well as the Official Second Life Flickr Group

Happy 2020 Second Life Residents!

P.S. I also got Brett Linden to participate!


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I know it not quite decade as made MrsSeren in Sept 2013 however it still shows how I have evolved MrsSeren and thank you for challenge.

In the first picture I'm barely 5 days old on MrsSeren here; my friend behind me is helping me and my then partner get settled in SL and helping us find items; and clothes.

Second picture; it's 6 months from the first picture; I got better skin, discovered the delights of Truth hair a month after the first picture; my then partner asked create if she could send me Lolas as he wanted to gift them to me though now I look at them and shudder but it is thought and just got my Slink hands.

Fast forward to the final picture; I took that in Feb 2019 so almost a year back now; I been wearing my Maitreya almost 5 years and been owner of Catwa Bento mesh head for almost 2 years.  I wear a bento neko tail too however I rarely wear the Bento neko ears I own as I find if I add earrings, then said earrings then move as ears moved so I end up with earrings bashing my poor pixel head.

decade challenge.png

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❤️ Well. I'm not 10 years older >.< aww but I'm sure I will stay for much longer here :3 Since this challange is about looking to the past and remember the good times <3333 I decided to make a collage of me and my besties. They are currently busy with lot of work in RL :") but they make me enjoy SL and relax everytime we are together, so I wanted them to be part of the challenge at least like this ^^ 

#SecondLifeChallenge #DecadeChallenge - Me and my besties


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I am basically born with SL in june 2003 (beta), so this is a little more than a  Decade Challenge :) #SecondLifeChallenge. I think avies are like public figures or brands, one way is to stick with some elements that defines yourself and make it evolve. I always come back to beard, long hair, dark skin and clear eyes. Kind of an impersonation of Jesus. May be because the first person I met in SL was a preacher 😂

Decade Challenge (1).png

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So much has come and gone over the years. No longer do I haunt Freebie Warehouse for everything from skins to clothing and hair.

These days, Im taking a break from roleplay, which Ive done since I first rezzed in, and Im exploring Secondlife as there are so many sims to visit.

April 15th 2009 - January 7th 2020

Lillian Decade Challenge


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I started in Second Life in April 2017, just out of curiosity. At that time my computer was old and slow for Second Life, and that discouraged me. Luckily, the computer broke down by 2018 :). With the new computer I could already navigate Second Life quite well, and since then I have been in this world. The first photo I took of Second Life was the one on the left I show, cropped to add it to my web profile. The photo on the right I took in October 2019, but it is what my avatar usually looks like now.


#SecondLifeChallenge, #DecadeChallenge

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