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  1. I was asking more in the lines of if anyone has put this rate and it was filled eventually. I'm not looking for it to be instant, but I wanna know if it will at least be filled in less than a month's time. By that logic, orders above 261 are literally never filling, 'cause 261 orders never get to zero. And I said "buy" because I already paid for it.
  2. So I bought lindens for 264/1 dollar rate, and it's been 7 days and the order hasn't filled at all. This is the first time I try to buy with a higher-ish rate, and the "expected fill time" was about 11 days I think when I bought them. But none of the order has filled yet, so I wanna know if the rate is unreasonable? Should I just wait the 11 days? Those times they give seem pretty arbitrary tbh and If it's never going to fill (or it's gonna take 3 months) I wanna know so I can just cancel it already. I read somewhere that all the smaller rates need to be done before mine is filled but that 100 million 261 rate is never filling let's face it lol
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