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  1. to be fair to them both bodies were free up until something weird happened on the sim and they needed to move. I was literally there when it happened lol I was forced tped out and the region was closed for a bit. Then the body was put up as one linden. But my alt got both for free. The reason I wanted to get the version with the advanced mesh editor is because I couldn't figure out how (the hud is a sluggish nightmare) to increase the glossiness, so I'm assuming it only has that one type, and the advanced material hud does allow you to increase that as much as you want (im shine obsessed... lol). Plus put custom textures, if you make those/have them. But I do agree that there was no need to have a version without it. It's ONE hud. That basically tints stuff. Just give out the full version... smh I found that the deformer works fine with Slink shoes. Maitreya you might need to increase (a lot) the size of your feet to fit. Overall I commend them for giving out a fully functional free body 'cause I sure as heck would never expect THEM to be giving out anything, specially for free. I had to pay to get a demo of legacy. You can imagine. But alas they did, and they're the only ones who did. Giving credit where credit is due. Along with Genus, I find that very commendable.
  2. 7 deadly s[k]ins has a free gift for the stay at home club and their skin fits the genus head pretty well. it comes with eyebrows tho, which is a downside, but not too much. you can also get this body tint https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Shiny-Stuffs-Bomtastic-Body-Tints-GIFT/18726738 which I use when I like a skin but I only have it in one shade. Make sure that the tint is the first layer and everything else is on top of it. WoW skins also has a stay at home gift and several other free skins but hmm... I would not recommend lol The store RITUAL has a free gift for their free-join group which is BOM compatible and works fine with genus. The downside is that they're fantasy skins and so the tone is a bit greyish, but I use the tint I mentioned above to make them look human and they work fine for me. They even have some elf ears if you want if the toes are white you need to tint the layer to match your skin tone.
  3. you know what's funny? after I sent the message about the folder + items I went back into my inventory in firestorm and I counted both the items and the folders on all the main folders and guess what? the total count matches that number perfectly. I don't know if I have some setting on firestorm enabled that's making it count the folders and the items separately, but if this is a coincidence it's one hell of a coincidence... edit: yes I did copy the inventory files, from SL viewer into firestorm, that's when the item count matched on both, but not the total count.
  4. hey, yes I'm aware of what the numbers indicate. It's the total count and the number of items on the big inventory + library folder that aren't matching. which usually indicates there are items missing, but only firestorm is showing this discrepancy, the sl viewer shows a total count that matches the inventory +library folders' count. unless what you're saying is that items and folders are counted separately? as in I need to add the number of items plus the number of folders?
  5. So one of these days I realized that the number of items on the inventory wasn't matching with the total count, even after adding the library. Since nothing "important" a.k.a that I remember existing seemed to be missing I just left it for when I had the patience to clear the inventory cache. I am using firestorm latest version. I have around 40k items (plus library) and it was showing around 44k items total. So I decided to do this today. I cleared the inventory cache, I manually cleared the inventory cache, and nothing seemed to change. So I logged onto SL viewer and two things happened. 15 new items were added to the count on the inventory folder and the total amount was now matching (it went down to about 39k). So are the items missing or are they not missing? I am confusion 😆. Firestorm keeps showing this extra 4k items, even after a cache clear. I have only encountered an "item not found in directory" once, for a tattoo that I never worn before. I have entirely too many stuff and nothing I use regurlaly seems to be missing, so I'm honestly just wondering why firestorm is showing these extra items, or if they're actually missing. I have followed firestorm's wiki on missing inventory, all items.
  6. I was asking more in the lines of if anyone has put this rate and it was filled eventually. I'm not looking for it to be instant, but I wanna know if it will at least be filled in less than a month's time. By that logic, orders above 261 are literally never filling, 'cause 261 orders never get to zero. And I said "buy" because I already paid for it.
  7. So I bought lindens for 264/1 dollar rate, and it's been 7 days and the order hasn't filled at all. This is the first time I try to buy with a higher-ish rate, and the "expected fill time" was about 11 days I think when I bought them. But none of the order has filled yet, so I wanna know if the rate is unreasonable? Should I just wait the 11 days? Those times they give seem pretty arbitrary tbh and If it's never going to fill (or it's gonna take 3 months) I wanna know so I can just cancel it already. I read somewhere that all the smaller rates need to be done before mine is filled but that 100 million 261 rate is never filling let's face it lol
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