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  1. I usually either vent to my closest peeps, take a long walk (couple of blocks) and then back to my place and eat a yummy treat while I do it... Also putting things into perspective work, I put this last one into work most often than the first two, makes me realize how silly the entire thing is to begin with.
  2. Missing a hairpiece but pretty much my current mood.
  3. Clearing the cache in firestorm worked! Thank you Nalates and thank you again everybody for helping me out. Now I can go see the SL 16 Year Celebration Area.
  4. Ok I'll try all these suggestions out. I have a Mac... Operating System macOSMojave (version 10.14.5).
  5. Thank you Fionalein and Fritigern for your help and explanation. To dbl check, I relogged to see if the problem was still there, it is. So I went into Library>Caches>SecondLife>Texturecache and deleted all the texture and proceeded to do the same in the objectcache folder. Problem is still there. So now, in the event I have to clear the cache folder, how do I determine which folders to clear? I'm not computer savvy in that way. I don't want to delete something that a program or an app needs.
  6. Hi Everybody: So this started to happen yesterday, when I log in. Everything is crazy pixelated in multicolored segments, even my avatar. I checked the outside of my home and it seems like some things are rezzing normally but not everything! I gave it time too and it didn't change back to normal. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
  7. I have a Meadowbrook Linden Home, and just recently started to decorate. A work in progress but would like to keep it minimal/ modern. The artwork on the wall is my original artwork based on runway fashion, I post them online on Instagram/Tumblr (Trapunto Illustrations). I don't sell or make anything for SL yet, but I am interested, still in shopping and explore mode.
  8. I tried this too and it works, thank you guys!
  9. I am sure many have asked this question... so here it goes. I just got a MeadowBrook home with a little pool in the front. I started decorating it, but I unlinked a two piece object before moving the object out of the water, so now I have one of the objects under water and can't get to it bc I either can't or don't know how to move the water that is part of the house. And I know I can't edit the house bc it's not allowed. So please help, my OCD is about to explode. It's that white square under the water that I can't get to.
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