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  1. Thank you for your answer. Yea I’m using Clo Bc I work in the industry and more jobs require to know it nowadays but I want to make clothes for SL and since each is $50/month I’m sort of torn btwn what to use. And yea I was checking MD out and the new version seems pretty cool. *sigh*
  2. I know Blender is a common choice as it is free and many use Marvelous Designer. But I’m wondering who uses Clo for SL clothes making? I have found people and video content here and there but it seems there are few out there and no SL groups of it.
  3. el sim suele estar vacío pero x lo general hacen actividades los fines de semana. Me gusta ir allí cuando está vacío también xq es bonito. Espero que te guste.
  4. Yea same here, usually I get no response. I once went to a place we’re a small group of ppl chat about sci-go and fantasy movies every Saturday. They were nice and welcomed me, they announce it on the event page. I like to go to Little Yoshiwara. It’s a Japanese Sim that promotes Japanese culture from the Edo period. They do activities there and you can join the group to partake in those activities and maybe you can make friends there. Everybody is super friendly.
  5. I usually either vent to my closest peeps, take a long walk (couple of blocks) and then back to my place and eat a yummy treat while I do it... Also putting things into perspective work, I put this last one into work most often than the first two, makes me realize how silly the entire thing is to begin with.
  6. Missing a hairpiece but pretty much my current mood.
  7. Clearing the cache in firestorm worked! Thank you Nalates and thank you again everybody for helping me out. Now I can go see the SL 16 Year Celebration Area.
  8. Ok I'll try all these suggestions out. I have a Mac... Operating System macOSMojave (version 10.14.5).
  9. Thank you Fionalein and Fritigern for your help and explanation. To dbl check, I relogged to see if the problem was still there, it is. So I went into Library>Caches>SecondLife>Texturecache and deleted all the texture and proceeded to do the same in the objectcache folder. Problem is still there. So now, in the event I have to clear the cache folder, how do I determine which folders to clear? I'm not computer savvy in that way. I don't want to delete something that a program or an app needs.
  10. Hi Everybody: So this started to happen yesterday, when I log in. Everything is crazy pixelated in multicolored segments, even my avatar. I checked the outside of my home and it seems like some things are rezzing normally but not everything! I gave it time too and it didn't change back to normal. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
  11. I have a Meadowbrook Linden Home, and just recently started to decorate. A work in progress but would like to keep it minimal/ modern. The artwork on the wall is my original artwork based on runway fashion, I post them online on Instagram/Tumblr (Trapunto Illustrations). I don't sell or make anything for SL yet, but I am interested, still in shopping and explore mode.
  12. I am sure many have asked this question... so here it goes. I just got a MeadowBrook home with a little pool in the front. I started decorating it, but I unlinked a two piece object before moving the object out of the water, so now I have one of the objects under water and can't get to it bc I either can't or don't know how to move the water that is part of the house. And I know I can't edit the house bc it's not allowed. So please help, my OCD is about to explode. It's that white square under the water that I can't get to.
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