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  1. UwU She is super cute. You've totally given me something to do now! Google translate is a blessing.
  2. You are very defensive for no reason. I'm not even being mean. I'm just telling you that technically it is against TOS. If you went back to my original post you'll see, and I quote There's absolutely no reason to get defensive with me as I'm not trying to bug. I don't get how this was misconstrued at all.
  3. You are more or less laughing at LL's stance on this kind of thing than me, so ok.
  4. Well, it may not turn out drama inducing, I'll give you that. I just could imagine it might but that's just a guess. But I did check TOS because I as I said I guessed it might be against TOS but I'm not sure. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Residents'_privacy_rights "Possible privacy violations Snapshots or video Screenshots or video taken without permission, in an area where Residents reasonably expect privacy, might violate Linden Lab's rules against disclosure; or, more generally, might constitute harassment. To be safe, be sure to get explicit permission from anyone you photograph or record. " ... So unless the person who submits the videos or images to you got explicit consent from the person they recorded it could possibly be against the rules
  5. Hi all! It seems like I've reached that time...the time when I've officially been on SL so long that old friends are starting to taper off, having less and less to do with Second Life. I'm bummed about that even if many of them I still communicate off of SL with me, it's just now my in-world experiences are decidedly more lonely. I'm pretty introverted but I attempt to put myself out there and talk to people when I venture on to sims. It is just that normally those conversations last as long as the visit does. Friendly to all but a friend to few, I guess? So here I am putting up an ad with the intention of not just chatting but really to get to know some people and hopefully strike up a true friendship. I value my friends as well as honesty and genuineness. I'm generally good-natured and a big softie and am admittedly pretty tender-hearted. I like video games, computers, art & animation, cats and in SL I enjoy decorating and going to dance clubs. Shopping as well when the mood strikes and my wallet allows! I should also mention I have autism. Not for pity points because honestly, it's nothing to feel bad for, but it does contribute to me being extra awkward sometimes or saying the wrong thing or not explaining myself well so please be aware of this and don't be afraid to ask me to explain myself better. I would prefer that over you getting the wrong idea of what I mean! I'll also go ahead and say I do not wear a normal avatar (I classify normal as maitreya and bento and stuff like that) so if you are like that one lovely woman who once said I would be an alright person if I simply didn't look the way I want to look on SL then maybe I'm not the best possible friend for you. I like dressing as characters and I don't know if that will change any time soon. I'm a pretty non-judgmental person, ESPECIALLY when it comes to how people choose to present themselves in Second Life and I would like it if you felt the same, at least in regards to friends. I sort of get why family members might need a somewhat cohesive look but I'm not looking for a family so... If anything I have said or anything in my public profile has possibly spiked your curiosity, please let me know! I am looking forward to it muchly. I'm sorry that this post was so looong! (P.S. Please leave a notecard if you decide to contact me in world. I'm actually have PC performance issues lately and am working on fixing the problem but that requires money for a new GPU and coolant system, so for the next week to two my time on SL will be limited... I just thought I would post this now to get the ball rolling and not be bored on the forums while I wait. I also have an nearly always active Discord account if you are into that.)
  6. Don't be lonely OP. When I fix my gaming computer and can play for more than a few minutes before total pc meltdown maybe we can IM each other? I kind of get what you mean there. But I would say I'm 60% lonely and 40% completely content doing my own thing. Depends on the day.
  7. I do voice chat but it's extremely rare and only with people I've been friends with for some time, but like I said even then it's a rare occurrence. I have a speech impediment that makes me self conscious so that's a huge reason why I don't voice much, but even if I didn't speak oddly I still don't think I would like to mic a lot. I feel like I can communicate my thoughts better with text. I do not include pictures of myself nor do I want to see pictures of others. I do, as of recent use Facebook for my SL avatar but it's not connected to my real life account.
  8. Though I get why this might be interesting I wouldn't be interested in participating and I would caution anyone else from doing so. Forgetting that this might violate TOS (might) it is definitely a quick way to make enemies and start drama. I know it's meant to be fun and no ill intentions are behind this idea, but I just don't see it turning out well.
  9. Sounds like it is time to reinstall GTA 5.
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