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  1. hiiii!! id love to be your friend! feel free to message me inworld sometime!
  2. hiii!! feel free to message me inworld if you want! im new ish to sl too and im always down to make friends or just chat! ❤️
  3. http://meshbodyaddicts.com/ i found this blog super helpful, they list pros and cons of most mesh bodies and heads!! (+ youtube tutorials and demos make the entire process a lot easier too) good luck!! ❤️
  4. hi there!! I think i´d love to be your friend! based on this post i already have a feeling we´ll probably get along lol, we have a lot in common and seem to share similar values regarding friendships. i have a tendency to distance myself from people aswell for various reasons, so i really relate to you on that. but i do have a want to be more social and build more friendships. im a creative person too, i draw and paint a lot in various mediums (in rl, im pretty new to sl so i havent figured out how to translate my art into some creative venture here... yet) video games are a big intrest of mine too! the only ones we seem to have in common are sims 4 and minecraft lol, but im always down to find new fun games to play! i am a female and not a male, but other than that i think i might fit into most of what you´re looking for! AND im from sweden so were in the same timezone aswell yay!! feel free to hit me up inworld if you want<3
  5. recently started playing so im looking for friends too!! we share a few common intrests and im in the EU too, feel free to hmu ❤️
  6. hello!! im new to sl too, looking to make friends aswell!! feel free to hmu inworld sometime ❤️
  7. ill be your friend! im new to sl too hmu inworld if you want!!
  8. you seem fun n cool! im pretty new to SL and i want to try to make friends aswell! feel free to hmu in world ❤️
  9. . first time posting in this thread been playing SL for just about two weeks hehe
  10. open minded emotional girl here too lol, feel free to hit me up inworld or IM me!! ❤️
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