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  1. I took Ellie over to Jellybeans in our Enforcer personas...…...It's as good as Lutz for photos, but is so packed with movement that it's just a bit laggy.
  2. While out in the land of Fairytales (Jellybeans 180, 206, 23), in my Winter Fairy persona, Taya dropped by and she took that black and white shot of me which is ^^^^^, and I took a few pics of her posing outside the woodcutters cottage...…... It did come out rather like a Christmas card...…..only needing a tree!!
  3. I turned into a good fairy, my first attempt at this, and I have to say, it's addictive...…….the opposite of my black PVC persona!
  4. So Belinda got herself and Skye a PVC costume, which they are using as beach wear, but I have a different take on it, and I was inspired by Beth's outfit at last weeks breakfast club. It came together quite well in the end...……..and is a different style for me. Just a whiff of superhero about it.
  5. I found some studio time today. I need to practice my grip...…..*coughs*, I dropped the errr…… mic...…..
  6. Another chance encounter with a forum angel yesterday...…. I dropped by at Muddy's for the last half hour in world, lo and behold, who turns up on the bar stool right behind me, but Donna Underall !!!! So we hung out in what can be described probably as my best RL experience in SL. We just sat on bar stools chatting about whatever, for ages......it was very enjoyable! Good conversation in world is hard to find in clubs, or anyplace else for that matter, aside from the forum events, So I always look forward to chance encounters like this. I just did a point and click to commemorate the moment.
  7. B bought me a new hair yesterday, Truth Labyrinth....it's a new hair and comes with or without a hairbase. It's typically Newell in style. Here with or without roots...…….
  8. I went to Little Paris earlier. Dress is Tetra Phoenix Feather Dress. Shoes G&D Shirley.
  9. ^^^^This, looks good already. As Nalates said, tweak and tweak....that never ends. You can use the sliders to change the lip ratio and prominence. You might never be happy, but then you've joined our club!!
  10. As the youngest Newell, I don't get first pick of In World time, so when I do get time, I get busy!! Images are at Lutz. Oh and as I type this I just got booted....haha! Hair: Rezology Sylph...……. Interestingly, this was my first hair, which I still like with certain outfits!! Top: *JB* (Just Because) Kathie Shirt Jeans: Absolut Vendetta Gysla Shoes: Inez Heels
  11. We're trying to explore new sims when we get time and today I've done about four I think. This one is very well put together with a lovely stream...….perfect for a photo..... No shadows today, just a sky setting...... The sim is "Mimmo", and as I write this, I crashed out...….
  12. The trouble with Alts is that they demand in world time and Lindens...…….and they are never happy!!!!!
  13. Here's me scrubbed up, after playing with the Genus Powder Pack, and at the beach. No time to meet with my sisters today.....
  14. Big sister Belinda bought me the Genus Powder Pack a while ago and finally today I got to play with it...…….. Like a selection box at Christmas, there are some must haves in there and some not so must haves, but there's a huge selection of skins, but you do need an Omega Applier for your body. I only came into being as an appliers test bed so I can't complain. So after am hour or so playing with everything, I've come of age...……….
  15. I made it to the studio a while ago, and took a few images against a black background, which the Newells don't usually do...……. I'll resist the temptation to post some others...……….. This is just point and click, using the location sunset light settings.
  16. Big Sis let me out for a while today, in my new beach dress. I couldn't quite get the light as I wanted but ran out of time so here it is anyway!!!
  17. I didn't intend posting anything today. Ellie was on earlier and had trouble rezzing, then there were bits missing and hanging in the air, and then she ended up wearing two outfits at the same time...…..but she got through that and unpacked all our shopping. When I came on it seemed OK but I had two crashes, and a couple of incomplete rezzes. I did eventually get to the beach and the two images below I had to click off.....no cropping or editing, or windlight. This is just point and click with the standard sun position on the sim.....
  18. I need to work on managing my falling wine glasses...………..in fact I'll get right on it now! hah!
  19. So today I've been showing a new guy the ropes, or at least some ropes. Before he landed I was taking pictures and playing with shadows. This is Dolce Amore Beach, which is one of my places of choice, there's never more than maybe four or five people here, although I did get jumped once by what I suppose was a griefer.... a girl avi who jumped on the sofa from nowhere and engaged the animation...….. I left in an instant but really I should have grabbed a screenshot. Anyway enough rambling...……. Two windlight settings for comparison...…….and my new bikini...……..United Colors Megie. One base colour plus a load of patterns so a very versatile item. The Fatpack must be amazing...….. Ellie was hoping to get in world, but she had no chance today. Neither did Belinda...…..hahaha!
  20. Guest List...……………………….. SO Uninvited Guest
  21. Welcome to all the new blood, this is amazing!! Just a quick three from me, don't let Ellie think she has the monopoly on moody portraits, I'm right behind her...….Oh yes I am......haha! The third shot is Whimberly, thanks Scylla!!
  22. I've just been to Franks, but it was busy, laggy and not much chat. So I took the opportunity to grab a couple of head shots. Here's one....just point and click!
  23. Or even just a full alpha except for two eyes...…………
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