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  1. Clearly it stopped off en-route to rifle through a rubbish bin...…….. Or steal some food from an old person on a seat...………….like chips (crisps) or an ice cream, or basically anything.
  2. With a bit more slider work, I'm finally happy with how my Genus looks!! No more sad face!!
  3. No problem tping since we came back, until Ellie's last tp last night which logged her out with the usual collateral. Relogged to test and all ok except the alpha which was one outfit behind.
  4. I'm just about to go get busy in RL, but managed to get to the beach and mess around with the light and reflections. These were the best two I could get in the time available...……. And no guys hit on me while I was doing it, well one said 'pryvite', but that lost me...………….not the best opening line word
  5. So big sister B is back at work, and loving it. We've had a big shop, and she's finally got me a Genus head. Baby face for me since I'm the youngest sister. I copied this hairstyle from Ellie....Stealthic Paradox. Still some work to do but I'm happy with this look so far! Second pic is with my original Rezology Sylph hair...……
  6. Hiya Everybody!!!! Salty just checking in from the beach!!!! Now there's gonna be an Alt Party I've got to get more active here!! Haha!
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