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  1. Hey all Take a look at my blog for the presentation times at my store on health and wellness. As stated in the title, do you think SL promotes good Health and Wellness?
  2. I also loved that set up with the exercise machines and may end up employing it myself if I can get it built. I myself am not very talented when it comes to building things in RL or SL. Everyone's replies to my thread are very good and informative. Like I said, I have seen so many threads on fashion, building, and the such that I decide to do one on health and see who would answer and what they thought. I was thinking about doing some classes in SL on health and Wellness but was not sure how good it would be attended, so decided to try some threads about it instead here. Then decide about the classes in SL on how well it was received here and if others thought it would be a good idea. P.S.. You should really market those exercise equipment ideas.
  3. That was a very good reply and I couldn't agree with you more. Here are some other ideas that you might want to employ (if possible) 1. Set the alarm clock of every 30-45 minutes and when it goes off use that time to get up and stretch, get some water and generally move around for about 10-15 minutes. 2. Get up and eat your meals away from the computer. Your body can't digest properly if it is distracted with playing SL. 3. Stay hydrated... When you feel thirsty, you are already dehydrated and chugging water is not going to fix this. I recommend having a water bottle or glass of water near you at all times. 4. If you are going to be sitting playing SL more than you are going to be moving around, stay away from the junk and high starch foods. These will only make you gain weight faster if you are eating them and not moving around. If we can all incorporate just a few of these healthy suggestions, we can maintain a healthier RL and in turn a healthier SL.
  4. Ok everyone thanks for the answer to my earlier question, now I have another one. I have a blog with Google blogger but how do I get people in SL to be able to read it and such?
  5. I am new to Second Life and I'm interested in health matters. I know a lot about health, nutrition, and wellness and wanted to see if there was others like me in SL. I want to keep topics like the one that follows going and help to inform others about these matters. Who thinks that Real Life health can impact Second Life health? Many of us don't realize how much time we actually spend at the computer in Second Life and how our health can suffer for it, thus causing us to have less time on Second Life than we would like. Who knows of some ways in which we can combat this effect and still stay on Second Life the amount of time we do?
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