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  1. New awesome Protected Properties available for SALE! https://search.secondlife.com/?query_term=Mazta+Estates&collection_chosen=land&isLeftColOpen=true&sort=land_area_desc&purchase_type=Sale&area_low=&area_high=&type=all&price_low=&price_high=
  2. 55 Awesome properties left take a look contact me if you need any help. https://search.secondlife.com/?query_term=Mazta+Estates&collection_chosen=land&isLeftColOpen=true&sort=land_area_desc&purchase_type=Sale&area_low=&area_high=&type=all&price_low=&price_high=
  3. 63 Properties Left with 3 new additions.. !! Best Land deals on market..! https://search.secondlife.com/?query_term=Mazta+Estates&collection_chosen=land&isLeftColOpen=true&sort=land_area_desc&purchase_type=Sale&area_low=&area_high=&type=all&price_low=&price_high=
  4. 70 Properties Left...!! Sylvia Region is still there 10% (L$ 25000) discount for next 48 hrs IM me in world if you are interested in anything Link again: https://search.secondlife.com/?query_term=Mazta+Estates&collection_chosen=land&isLeftColOpen=true&sort=land_area_desc&purchase_type=Sale&area_low=&area_high=&type=all&price_low=&price_high=
  5. A few new properties Added grab the one you like... Open for Negotiations and Trades!
  6. 80 Properties Left... Going fast !! High Quality lands send me offers if you like to negotiate on anything.
  7. about 90 Properties Left... All protected Mainly waterfronts / Roadsides or Both combined.. Adult, Moderate and General Ratings.
  8. Check the SL Search Link below for full listing contact me in-world for special deals. Maztadizazta https://search.secondlife.com/?query_term=Mazta+Estates&collection_chosen=land&isLeftColOpen=true&sort=land_area_desc&purchase_type=Sale&area_low=&area_high=&type=all&price_low=&price_high=
  9. Just to put it out there the concerns of people worried and stressed if anyone pays the rent and the land gets sold, either it will be taken off or will be refunded at full. Usually people approach me if they interested to rent the land and never had any issue as mentioned in this thread. So please approach me directly if you have any issues with any of my properties listed or unlisted. I never try or break the TOS if there is anything happening out of the law please do let me know and it will be taken care of. Many Thanks, Mazta
  10. Let me know if you like this Commercial Adult 4x Protected Road + Oceanfront 5180 prims 5000 a week can give a better deal to a long term business owner. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Strute/156/226/35 inworld : Maztadizazta
  11. He was not renting he purchased the land and the deal was over he came back to me asking me to buy back the land i sold to him for the same price that he purchased from me i offered him a lower price for that only to help him because I did not want to buy any more lands at that time but to sell what I already held i wasn't even interested in that price much because i had many more lands from LL on my name and I was running out of tier. That's all, he could sell the parcel if he didn't like it to anyone for even more than what he paid for it because the parcel was really good but he wanted me to do the favors and it wasn't the first time I already did the exchange for him earlier he wanted to abandon some land where he lived before and i bought that from him so he gets something. I don't mind doing favors and I was holding small blocks on the front of his lands just to be sure he wasn't bothered by advertisers. Everything has a price and I prefer to do fair deals only. If you just want the best of the best for your own satisfaction you gotta pay for it. Thank you all for your concerns and replies.
  12. wow so much fuss:) the lands he wanted to exchange were sold already if you have any issues with my service come to me and if you have a problem with my pricing feel free to be my partner in paying my maintenance costs I can let you live free then on any of my lands you wish all together I have been nice enough to hold the small blocks 32sqm and 16 sqm right on his door step for months now leaving it open to terraform however he wants after giving him repeated after sales service I guess some people are never going to be happy. the price of the parcels he wanted was 13k in total which was reasonable and got sold within a week and he requested to exchange for his land which he bought for 12k from me months ago paying a difference of 1000L$ which i refused to accept cos im not here to make exchanges i have lands that i need to sell but i still offered him 7k and then reduced to 6k considering a good offer for the exchange. he could not pay that much and brought this issue here to make a big deal of the situation i have been reading the comments some of you really said to the point but those who are thinking i sell too high then please try to hold a region or two for a month and pay the bills then come back and tell me what they think of my land prices my prices are always better than other sellers and my lands are worthy more than what i ask always. Thanks to you all. Maztadizazta
  13. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fivepenny/84/70/45 Covers under 13$ Monthly Tier, Offer Price only L$ 7700 next 24 hrs deal Grab and resell or use it how you want it. Additional land available too nearby if you need expansion IM me in world. Maztadizazta I have over 40 Mainland Roadside / Waterfront protected parcels if you want anything specific to buy or rent please contact me.
  14. Deal Price L$ 72500 1024 sqm 351 prims. Beach Land / Water. Best Price on Blake!! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Krymov/14/106/22 Sunset Protected by the Little Sea = Blake Sea access through the Wide Volpert Channel i.e. only 4 to 5 sims away from open Blake Seas. Additional land upto 1488 sqm is available on the back if required on cheaper rates contact me in world. Maztadizazta
  15. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Furu/144/35/61 Size: 3072 sqm Prims: 1054 Payment Tier : 13$/month Price: L$ 37500
  16. divided into 2 parcels: to make lives easier 8192sqm for 125,000 and 6720 sqm for 155,000 both with unique qualities Top can be flattened 100% on 8192 lot sunset view perfect rectangle shape a docking spot for sailing, the 6720 covers the outer most with more water fronts. If a buyer still interested in full lot 14912 sqm the rates can be reverted to 225,000 offer valid till one of this sells out. Message me inworld for any queries. Maztadizazta
  17. Perfect almost 1/4 sim Parcel Grass and Sand 2x Protected Sailing River at Zindra Continent hundreds of Sailable regions. Recently put for sale @ L$ 225,000/- 14912 sqm / 5119 prims. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Destonia/181/216/46
  18. Rented the one at Lionel Another similar available with sunset view at Gaeta Sea protected. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tessentor/19/84/22 599/week 2048 sqm 703 prims.
  19. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Chamonix/162/162/40
  20. fully decorated Protected roadside with Water accessible sailing to Big ocean. For rent or sell 1800/week or 29999 sell price. 6288 sqm total prims 2158 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Oakfield/190/79/44
  21. Enjoy sunrise views from this grid edge water parcel on a protected Linden waterway. Great for boating and sailing on Gaeta and Corsica. Items may stay on the parcel or renter can change the way they want it with full rights very good neighborhood no lag. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lionel/225/111/22
  22. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Malvolio/248/8/40 Deal price L$7999 or highest offer next 24 hrs! Option to get more 512 behind to make 1024sqm
  23. Best residential area... 3 awesome parcels available now for sell or rent check em out 1024 sqm = 4750 L$ 2048 sqm = 7499 L$ 2048 sqm = 7999 L$ *perfect rectangle* http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Quoll/124/45/96
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