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  1. This is a very interesting topic. As a sex worker, forced to have 1(one) pick of the club as agreed job requirement, I almost always get hit on with sexual requests. The funny thing is that my profile in its entirety states nothing else remotely connected to sexytime and I mostly walk around in baggy clothes or RP outfits without any sexy parts revealed. Yet, some people are so shallow they see me quietly meditating in a corner or riding my horse or gardening and they believe I'm up for funky time by default just because of my job which pays for my mesh and other things. ^^ I wish there were more hangouts/cafes/gardens/lounges and what have you without tags such as BDSM, sex, daddy etc. Some are here for soul food, ya know. :3
  2. sighs I said I wouldn't, but I did. And this is my result with it so far. The ring is free ❤️ https://www.flickr.com/photos/darklingsl/48093791763/in/dateposted/ And the only nails I've found this far: https://www.flickr.com/photos/11152509@N02/48051811457/in/dateposted/ Extra bits of info: materials on the body look best if you crank up the bumps of the skin. The feet are resizable with sliders and the best physics for it seem to be Belleza ones (tested 9+ physics packs). Also, several Slink Physique belly piercings that I own work just right. ❤️ xo
  3. I have swept the grid again last night and sadly there's nothing in Second Norway or I was unable to find it. I am suffering from never finding Rp that I'm interested in, such as viking rp, ancient egypt/gods, pirate, shamanistic, mayan, I'd even do some mermaid Rp which I do miss dearly. lol Thank gods for Cyberpunk, still being alive. Thank you so much for them comments tho ❤️ xo
  4. I literally found only one sim, which is ironically called VIKINGS, but other than that looks like there isn't much on the grid or I don't know where to look. ^^ I'll drop by Second Norway and see what it has in store for me. Thank ya.
  5. Hello, I've been looking into some active Viking roleplay sims (unrelated to GOR) and couldn't find too many sims. Hit me up with anything I'm missin'.
  6. So if I understood correctly .. I can't add my own nails and rings; I'll totes pass. Thanks for clarifying that for me. ^^ xo
  7. Yeppers. Join us. We have organized rides every Sunday @2PM SLT. As Co-President of the group I can help you with anything you need. Hit me up In World
  8. I've been following several threads here about this body and I am still super hesitant about whether to purchase it or not. I've got a couple of curiosities: how/which shoes will fit? what about bento rings or bento nails?
  9. Thanks for saying that. I can relate. It also bugs me how beautiful up-to-date sims are at ~6 users max at a time, while other 2007-looking places, which will not be quoted, are always packed to the point I can't move because of lag. shrugs. Some people are mesh-nazi 😛 I'm furniture nazi, I like my environment looking super sharp.
  10. I have the fortune(misfortune) of being a realplayer rather than a roleplayer. I've often been referred to as a soulplayer - which I found to be super nice. Whenever I roleplay, I roleplay as myself. I transcend myself as I am into that specific universe I find myself in and I adjust certain aspects according to the rules of the sim, however I never change my "core". This, I found to be very difficult and is rarely long lasting. A vast majority of users (that I have come across) almost instantly chicken out on me or provide the cold shoulder as soon as they learn that they roleplay with me, as I am in any worlds. This struggle can certainly be avoided - yes, it is a choice not to create a character but rather to reinvent myself over and over. I'd choose it a thousand times over because it is what clicks for me, what drives me further. I did try at times to create fictional characters whose IC actions had nothing to do with my own personality, but it always turned out awry and cringy to say the least. These days I mingle, I sit in an obvious corner and wait. I respond to any IMs because you can never know what could come out of it. ^^ But yea, RP does miss "soul" a lot, at least in my experiences.
  11. I found kindred at Broom and Brew :3
  12. Oh that image is just too "me in a nutshell". Had to use it on forums, there was no other way. lols
  13. Whoa. This was brave. Last time I dared speak to anybody of my belief system I ended up believing there's no hope for it in SL. lol I'm Asatru with a pinch of Duat and a lot of everything in between. If something is ancient - I'll take it. What resonates with us in this shell has more or less something to do with shells we've shed before. My music is weird. I'd say metal but I find myself hooked on Massive Attack and placebo these days. Too bad there's no clubs, that I know of, with my kind of music. *shurgs*
  14. Yes all are aftermarket because I wanted to create sort of like my own style. Bought animesh add ons for both WH and Hano. Rezzed them on the ground, edited them. Maybe I'm missing something. Will have to retinker with them. However, IMO WH is the sim cross champ, for now.
  15. I've been looking for organised rides on the Grid all week. This is going to be awesomesauce. xo
  16. I mean if this is indeed genuine, that's some serious badassery right there. I'd totally ghost away without saying a word.
  17. I'm totally obsessing over horsiiis ❤️
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