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  1. A bit late to the topic lol but I wanted to point out a few things from the perspective of a girl that doesn't identify as equal to men nor does she want to be. It's perfectly fine for women to feel empowered and independent just as it is fine for me to identify as a slave (not just sexual) in any worlds. I feel uncomfortable around women tbh and they do around me and we never got along. Always had gay/trans male BFFs in any worlds. Massive hi5 to you guyss you are awesomesauce. :3 I'm straight and extremely devoted to my guy in both worlds. Yet I answer any and each IM warmly and respectfully and end it kindly too, even the dumb ones. We need to feel for one another if we are to survive with dignity. Audrey said that, not me 😛 In other words what I think would draw people, not necessarily men, to SL is not clothes or gender equality. Not everybody wants that. Kindness and acceptance would bring in more crowds, I believe. And better pets, gawd I wish we had muchhh more realistic kitties and puppies *mew* ps. as a lifelong gamer i found i could use SL to recruit fellow male gamers to join me in other shooting games and what have you. lol sometimes it works out. depends.
  2. On the deformers topic. My deformers make the clothing fit, with a bit of alpha work but they deform the shoulder/hips/arms to the point i look like a robot with boobies and butts. lol gave up on them a loong time ago. only feet ones suit me
  3. My new wishlist has become flickr mostly. items i would want aren't on mp at all or not yet :p. It's a very lovely idea though. ❤️ Always have admired people coming together to do nice thingssss
  4. Well one suggestion for you: the whole new Bellisseria continent. There's a corner there for eeeverybody. Join their groups too. lol constant chatter. They fill my days :3
  5. Legacy, but with Belleza physics. best combo I've experienced this far :3
  6. Had Maitreya for years. You need body enhancers
  7. Join in world groups of big stores. Some are free and have lotsa gifts, others sometimes become free for a little while so you gotta keep an eye out Can't name them here but my groups are all visible to have a look at mine :p maybe you'll find what you're looking for ^^ best of luck to youuuu :3 alsoo events like Access, Vanity, Uber, they give out monthly gifts or every now and again
  8. Long story short if you don't mind the occasional glitches, sloooow HUDs, and the neck seam in some windlights regardless of what you try (lol) - go for it. All the big stores are making clothes for it now and even updating old items. You've got deformers too, just in case some of your fav items don't get updated. Literally ALL Maitreya shoes will work, high, flat, doesn't even matter. lol VAW updated their products for it if you're into smexi stuff 😆 Even most "high end" appliers got a Legacy revamp - at least mine did. I think I've been wearing it for over 6months now and it's driving me crazy sometimes with just how sloooow it is but the shape is just sooo yummm so once you get it right it's just soo pleasing to stare at. lol Oh and if you want to go the extra mile and if you're into curvy bodies, grab the waist, booty and boob enhancers and it's just perfectionnn :3 - oh and they fixed those annoying body cracks too -
  9. Welcome to myyy little visual diary. Enjoy your stay: https://www.flickr.com/photos/erukavond/
  10. First of all ~~ We don't know each other but catch this for me ya noww :3 My advice is going to be a liiittle bit different than anyone else's. It's perfectly fine to love yourself and loving your company and being your own best person in the world. BUT ~~ there's always some but's in everything. I believe in duality. Everything in nature comes in two. Light and dark, good and bad, sadness and happiness, lovers (regardless of any genders or stereotypes) everything comes in two. I've read somewhere some time ago that each one of us has as least 6 identical beings scattered somewhere in the far corners of this beautiful earth. My quest is to find all 6. lol so far I have found one and out of all the places it had to be right here, in SL, after a long journey through depression and self harm. Therapists don't work for me, inspirational quotes don't work either, healthy lifestyle, working out, nada. All it takes is a "Morning" from my favorite person in the world and all my demons just go quiet. Is that a bit obsessive, yes it is. But I have tried all those alternatives along the years, been to the most "qualified and expensive" specialists mom could find. They all looked at me as an experiment, as a lab rat. Instead of treating me, they were torturing me - without wanting to. I am a pagan in any worlds. My roots run deep. Not the wicca/self titled/tumblr witch type. I just know things and I remember things and they aren't exactly pretty things and no meds on this earth will take them away. And I can't lose them either. I would lose myself. I need the occasional depression to remind myself how to be happy. You cannot protect yourself from sadness without also protecting yourself from happiness as well. BUT everything comes in two. Find that second better half of yours to do the protecting for you. Or let them find you. Or let life guide you to them or to your tribe. Don't love yourself alone - you're gonna miss out on just HOW MUCH the right half or the right tribe can love you. Everything comes in TWO. If you have come into existence there is a mandatory universal law that your +1(or more) is out there. And the Universe can't do anything but abide by that law, I promise you. :3 We're all connected in the way that some described as a "puzzle". I happen to have that blessing or curse of feeling that "puzzle" that we are every single day of my life. But I have my hiraeth (meaning the one true home in celtic) to do the protecting, the loving and the taking care of me. As do I for him. Everything comes in two. Find your tribe or let it find you. Do not be alone, do not seek "professional" help, don't follow the stream IF it doesn't feel right for you. Go in a park and stick your tongue out at children and watch them light up like a Christmas tree :p, hug a tree - fall asleep under it too, let it guide your dreams, throw pebbles in a lake, dance naked on a beach with whomever feels right. Look for rawness and watch the depression become an option and not a prison. You are your own universe, your own god, your own guide or what have you. The power of manifestation is beyond our wildest of dreams. Manifest your wishes. ~~and when all else fails eat Tacos :DD tacos never disappoint. *mew*
  11. Thank youuu *blushies* he is. He's the one I mentioned in a few other RL/SL posts too. He just came into my worlds at a time I was extra down for various reason (and I was often told it was visible on my avi and the way I carried myself around) and made it all better. He's a monumental mesh snob too tho he's very camera shy for some reason. lol "whispers cutely: althoooough if you scroll down a bit on my flickr you will find a bald bearded beauty hiding in there somewhere and rocking my world. mew" Bottom line is avatars can do have a healing effect if the context is right.
  12. Over time I have become pretty much the mesh snob that buys a ton of heads and all the pretty sparkly shiny or macabre new releases. lol I don't create my avis after RL me, I just put together random looks that feel aesthetically pleasing to me. I don't follow any fashion trends, but casual is not my thing either. So I kinda just buy things and mesh them together and then snap cutesy or dark pics while listening to my own soundtrack all along. I'm still me in each one of my avis. I don't do the whole alt thing beeeecause I'd go Broque real fast at the rate I'm spending on one avi alone. lol So I only use one main avi and always have. Sooo some elements are and will be always present: long nails, long hair, pale skins but not snow white pale, a lot LOT of ancient mythological symbols (anhks, triquetras, fancy goddess headdress, you name it) and I mix and match them into urban modern looks orr at least I try to manage to do that somehow. ^^ Until recently I was always creating avis in the 30-40 age range because that's what I feel like on the inside even tho I'm barely 23 lol I personally never got along with people in my age range nor felt like I was that young. dunno. Might be my waay tooo extensive knowledge of past lives and such. That is also one aspect that I always incorporate in my outfits. There's always gonna be corsets or priestess kinda looks or something to do with the past. So, for the longest time I've been vehemently fighting any sort of fashion advice or suggestion or any sort of modifications coming from others. Nopes, that was me, inside out, as I felt on that day, at that time - not changing oneee tiny thing, nopes. However, this very loving and kind but hella dominant man of mine gradually determined me to let down my guard and be completely open to a transformation according to his tastes and how he envisions me. So I basically allowed him to take over completely and I was just the happy wallet building him his perfect doll. lol What followed after that was a period of frustration and also dedication to accepting the new avi, that ironically does look a lot like RL me; so for a while I kinda switched back and forth until I identified so deeply and so completely with the new avi he's made me to the point it had a sort of cathartic effect on me in both worlds. He's awesomesauce like that. lol Buuut without further ado, here's the old and new me. *purrr* OLD AAND NEW
  13. https://www.flickr.com/photos/noelleneaph/ thisss
  14. Just chilling by the bonfire :3
  15. I sometimes go orca watching on ma horse :3
  16. I do all my Legacy body shopping from Flickr groups. lol My new wishlist has become my Favorites album on Flickr. ~bonus points location of items is included in most posts
  17. Never intended to become a fantasy character or anything else but me... sooo here comes Eruka, the troublemaker in any worlds. :3 Too bad it was taken so first thing that came to mind was adding Von D, because Kat Von D is a makeup goddess guru that the goth inside of me admires. lol Noir Nemesis is my nickname IW and pretty much the username I go by in all of the games I play. Too bad it was taken too. *shrugs* Used it as my stripper nick while I was working for clubs, lol and after so many years, even tho I'm no longer active in those places, everybody knows me by that nickname instead of Eruka so it pretty much stuck with me. No point in changing it now. ^^ The ones close to me know my name and call me by it or "nuisance". Either way works for me. ❤️
  18. I know this is more of a myth for many and for the longest time it was for me as well. I do mix RL/SL and have met quite a few users in person and never had any unpleasant experiences. I tried to make SL my paradise from the get go and for the most part I have succeeded. Was never looking for anything in particular, just to enjoy the art, the creation and since I see it as an extension of myself, I saw it as a tool. But I have had one of those mythical chances of running into someone not only looking like their avi, but better. lol And complimented by a bunch of insanely lucky coincidences, that person turned out to be everything I could have hoped to find in a person and more. I was certainly not expecting this off SL and I was certainly not even looking at the time, yet my planets have just aligned that way. The rest is history :3 I suppose my point is, yes, it's hella rare but it can be paradise. Just don't go looking for it, let it come your way. weee~ bit of a long post x
  19. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/MILA-Messy-Eyelashes-CatwaGenusLeLutka/16800897?id=16800897&slug=MILA-Messy-Eyelashes-CatwaGenusLeLutka my absolute favorite ❤️
  20. You can hide the piercings you don't need/want.
  21. I don't separate SL/RL at all. SL is an extension of me. Looks-wise I create whatever looks/feels pretty to me and I change my looks super often too. They don't resemble RL me. However certain features are always there (long nails, long hair, corsets etc.). If I RP somewhere, I RP as myself within that specific universe. I think I'm a bit of a narcissist, lol but I am absolutely always myself and all of my DMs apply as OOC unless stated otherwise. I feel that there's too many people wearing masks upon masks upon masks, which is not a bad thing, obviously, but I'd rather be me, 100% as I am irl. Those that met me in person can confirm that :3 *mew*
  22. I demo-ed it a bit in world. I see Glitzz and Scandalize already made some items for it. I'm gonna wait on it for a bit but I'm interested to see where it goes. I'm a bit of a body/head collector. lol I probably have too many for my own sake ^^
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