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Found 16 results

  1. My current limits for processing credits are 0 and it says I am a new resident 2. They told me that I must be Resident 1 to process credits. I have already done all the steps to confirm my identity with Tilia and I am already approved. I have also bought Lindens by paypal. *How long does it take to enable the option to process my credits? *What other operations must I carry out to be Resident 1? Thank you.
  2. I have been trying to send my lindens to a paypal account for months. I get this message. https://gyazo.com/42a07a1271f92cd44132fe084d3b252d When i click on "here" it gives me information about tilia. When i click on, "Provide Additional Information" It just tells me that my KYC application is being reviewed. Here is a gyazo of it. https://gyazo.com/7809fefcda214996d0d14d9427c1e9b1 How do i get past this or fix it? As I said, it has been like this for months.
  3. Hey there! I have 4k in my SL account and yet I get this:
  4. I had successfully verified all my documents with Tilia 5 months ago and carried out process credits thrice after that. However, I tried processing my tilia balance once again 2 days ago, but it's asking me to "provide additional information" before proceeding. On clicking it, I'm being redirecting to a page that says "your KYC application is still under review" . I haven't changed my payment info or anything over the last couple of months. I thought Tilia asks for the verification documents just once? I have submitted a support ticket as well, but haven't received any response yet. I'm clueless.
  5. Hello I'm Jessie, And I really need someone's help with processing credit. It's asking me to add additional information such as "Country information, Personal information, Contact Information and ID Verifications" which I'm fine with. The issue I'm having is in the ID Verification, I'm required to add a "Utility Bill Showing Address Within 90 Days". You see I'm living with my parents and I don't have a Utility bill registered in my name. I'm not sure on what to do, and I would be appreciative on some advice. I have a Phone Bill registered in my name with the exact address, but its not Landline. Would this work?
  6. I'm trying to process credit for the first time. I verified my tilia account and went through the whole process. My payment method is set to paypal. I have a Tilia account balance. But the process credit isn't clickable for me. Not sure what's going on here.
  7. So this is the second time this has happened, I thought maybe the first time was just some sort of one time issue. I tried contacting support over it and eventually gave up because they never responded. Now I'm having the same issue, it says completed, but NOTHING on my paypal. I feel like I just wasted L$ trying to get it transferred to cash once again..
  8. I am so confused on how to sell linden on secondlife, i have sold linden via the exhcnage and now it says i have USD in my Tillia account balance how do i get that out of there and into my bank account? I have linked my paypal but the process credit button is greyed out however i sold linden on the exchange can anyone tell me what this means or how to do it?
  9. i'm new. i have added credit card information to my account. i have completed the additional information requested for Processing Credit. but now i get a message that states that i do not have sufficient funds to process credit, but i have $10,000 L in my account. can someone please help or advise me, please. sending me an instant message would be better since i'm new to using these blogs. thank you very much !!!!
  10. not sure where to post this suggestion... went to the jira; i thought there was a 'suggestion' category, and a 'website' one too, but... didn't find that. anyway, when i go to check my real money balance -- uh, first of all, is there a specific place to see that? and/or see my open lindex orders? -- well, i use the 'process credit' page, because that shows my us$ balance. usually $0.00, because i'm usually waiting for a lindex sell order to go through...! it's just that every time i got to the process credit page, and i do have a zero balance, there's this big red error box that says "THERE IS A PROBLEM WITH YOUR ACCOUNT. Your account does not have sufficent funds to make a process credit request. " well... yeah, but that's NOT a "problem" with my account. my balance just happens to be zero at the time. (okay, so no monehz is a problem... but does it need to look like a huge 'omg, a problem with your account: you have been haxxorxed!!11!1!!' message?) (ps: the spellchecker just noticed that 'sufficient' is spelled wrong on that page, too :X ) (just sayin'!) oh, DUH! i found it! it's called 'account summary.' which i thought... is what i was looking at when i was looking at 'account'. :X that page doesn't have my open lindex orders, though. like dollars/lindens tied up, which are still in my account. while i'm making suggestions no one will ever see... i thought it might be cool if i could somehow get an in-world notice when my lindex sell order went through. (yes, because i have a terrible time paying attention to real life!)
  11. The process credit information says it takes 2-5 days. Has anyone ever actually had it take less than the full 5 days? It's a simple digital transfer to Paypal. The only reason I can see for any delay is so LL can get some small additional interest on the funds. If they are going to charge 5% to do it, it should be done within 24 hours. I guarantee I don't get 5 extra days to process the bill to pay my land tier. *venting done*
  12. So i processed some credit and it says the transaction was completed but the money is not showing up in my papal account nor in my bank account. where is my money?
  13. is anybody having issue with skrill recently ? I have never faced this issue in last 3 years. It was perfect until now. I always process my credit USD to skrill then to my bank account. But my last transaction from skrill to my bank account got stuck. And it is not returing to my skrill account as it suppose to be in 5 days. It's been 10 days now the transaction status still showing "pending" so am I only one to having this issue with skrill or there are others people too from second life ? and I cant use pay pal as pay pal is not available in my country yet.
  14. Hello! I have some concern about me having two stores that both give me enough lindens to send to the same paypal account. The thing is that I was requested to give my ID for one of them some time ago because of my process credit balance. Thats good and all but now that my other account is giving me anough lindens too I am requested again to give my ID. I actually never occured to me to ask what is the stand of Linden Labs on having an alt that also earns enough to process credit to the same person. Can I actually have two stores if both get enough?
  15. My process credits are usually processed in 1 day, 2 days max. It's going on 5 days now and I'm just wondering if anyone else is having similar delays.
  16. Hi friends, I've got a premium account and it's annually billed... coming up for renewal soon. If I cancel it and turn into a free account (with payment info on file still), will it change my account's Billing/Trading limits? Thanks in advance. <3
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