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  1. Oh I get that....but my question still stands....why bother having an adult sim if you're not even going to allow nudity?
  2. I think my biggest pet peeve is sim owners that don't understand what the various ratings mean (G, M, and A). My wife and I just got asked to leave an Adult sim because we were not "appropriately dressed". Folks, understand something....being an Adult sim, the ToS would have been fine if we'd shown up NAKED! We had all of our private parts covered (if little else). If a sim owner isn't even going to allow nudity, then I see no particular reason why they should need a sim with an Adult rating!😡
  3. Yep....I was able to login at first, then started having serious issues, so I logged out....haven't been able to get back on since
  4. Green grass hillside, flat, very few neighbors. . 2048 sq m 703 prims. No covenant. Contact ladywolf5256 $L4,000 OBO - Just West of the Blake Sea (Stacey) Mainland Parcels - your land professionals rocking The Grid!
  5. Ummm...I hate to sound stupid here, but if this is a ranged IP address attack, how do we know who the actual target of the attack is? Did I miss something?
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