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  1. @HarrisonMcKenzie, thanks for your encouraging post. I definitely am appreciating more and more the diversity of approach that people have to SL. By now, I have realized that the situation I described does not exactly fit within the definition of RP.. I actually can't wait to try out proper RP 'cause it sounds like a lot of fun! 😃
  2. Your perspective resonates with my own quite a lot, but has also added new insights for me so thank you ? And yes, the part about Laoise makes so much sense it's almost as if you were reading my mind!
  3. And at that same place (it was crowded), I get an IM from another dude just saying the usual hi, how are you so I replied to that. I since moved on from that region.. even logged out and logged back in a few hours later and I get an IM from him again, saying hi. I asked him where we met because I wasn't sure at that point. He says "I don't know" and then.. "do you want to come over my place?" Sure.. you don't even remember how we met, so I'll come right over. If an approach like that has zero chance of being successful irl... why would one even try that in sl!? ETA: The nerve! ?
  4. Well, I was walking around inworld with my female av, and I get an IM from some dude. First thing he asks "are you male?" ...wow
  5. Lol I was thinking the exact same thing when I was perusing the "How Does Your Avatar look today?" thread... bah, all the good ones are gay haha! It must not be true, but it sure seems that way at a glance! ?
  6. Yep, I have found this to be the case for me recently too. Stumbled across a club where the music there is just insane! ?
  7. Thanks for the awesome breakdown of the two categories.. I definitely think I am in the first one. I lean towards @Akane Nacht's approach of being "here for my own fun not theirs".. I do wonder and worry a bit though.. if anyone ever gets offended when someone decides they don't want to be part of the family.. Would they see it as some sort of rejection or something? I'm treading so carefully here!
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