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  1. Medcore Industries is now hiring! Who are we? - Medcore industries specialize in all things, whether it be roleplay (EMS personnel, Fire personnel, dispatching, news reporting, etc.) or non roleplay (Blogging, photography, management, production, scripting, meshing, building, etc). We plan to run our EMS and Fire teams on multiple different roleplay sims. We provide all equipment and training. We promise to provide the most realistic and positive job experience you have ever had in Second Life. What makes us different is you get paid to roleplay or not! How we operate? - You chose the job you like from the list below, you apply for the position via our website application, if hired you will be given available times to train, we will then train you for the job. Pay? - You're paid very different than most other companies in Secondlife. You clock in whenever you feel like working and you get paid hourly or salary depending on position. You're not paid lindens, you're paid a special inworld currency. BUT BEFORE YOU STOP READING you are allowed to cash out said currency, weekly for lindens, OR use the currency for benefits that no other job has. Benefits? - Yes that's right benefits! By working for us you will be able to rent an apartment, house, or skybox of your choice using this currency you work for! As well as buy exclusive items and gifts cards from different stores. All homes and stores are located on our main sim headquarters! (Currently being remodeled) Positions (Currently not a lot of positions as we're revamping everything. If you don't see a position available you want, I recommend you still apply so we will have you on file as a lot of positions will open shortly) 1.) Recruiter 2.) Manager 3.) EMS Personnel 4.) Fire Personnel 5.) Headquarters Security 6.) Dispatchers 7.) Blogger 8.) Photographer 9.) Planner (More jobs to come, please apply even if you don't see a current position you like) APPLICATIONS: Apply here If you have any questions please contact me inworld if offline leave me a notecard. Contact: Mister Sassypants
  2. Hey everyone, I have a full sim (20,000 prims) I had plans to build an amusement park and well I'm going to be honest. I have no desire to sit down and build custom stuff at the moment. So that being said I am now looking for someone to build your dream on my sim!! Yes I WILL keep the tier paid, I just want it to be put to use. If you're interested please message me inworld with your plans and ideas. If I like the Idea I will get back to you and we will go from there! If I am offline please leave me a notecard titled "Sim inquiry". There is no gimmicks to this, any profit made will be split 50/50 between us (If there is any). **P.S. This is not a paid gig as you will be getting land for free!** This is an opportunity to build your dream on a free full sim. Thank you! Contact: Mister Sassypants Kairo Kiyori
  3. Hey guys, so I currently have a homestead (Yes I know only 5,000 prims...This is subject to change) and I had plans on putting my store here. However, I want to see some creativity. So now I'm looking for someone to build on the homestead. This won't be a paid gig or anything. You will however have 100% access to the homestead and I will keep rent! Currently it is just a Homestead however, if your vision wins and I decide to expand to full sim we will! Below is requirements so please read. Before messaging that you'd like to build on this homestead, Please tell me the name you go buy and some information about you. As well as your vision for this homestead. If offline please drop a notecard saying "Homestead info". Any questions IM me in world please. Do NOT comment here as I probably won't reply. Thank you everyone, excited to see your dream come to life! First come first serve, In world name is Mister Sassypants 🤣
  4. Sorry. I didn't mean to place this in general discussion just realized I did.
  5. Ever wanted to own or run a business but don't have the money to get land? Well now you MIGHT HAVE THE CHANCE!!!! Message me in world i'm looking for a business to run on my full sim 20,000 Prims completely free! So, Message me in world with your ideas and we will go from there!
  6. Hello everyone! I'm looking to build a replica or something similar to Central park for people to enjoy! My problem is.... I'm a terrible decorator and designer Lol! So, I'm wanting to hire someone to decorate and design the land. If you think you're interested let me know! I will supply all products (I'll purchase or craft what is needed) So please contact me in game on comment here if you're interested looking to get it done ASAP!!! Thanks!
  7. Hello! I am the owner of a new Fire/EMS academy. Looking to hire a few people to put through our training program! We run fire, EMS, and dispatch in multiple sims and are always growing!! Please IM or leave me a notecard and I can tell you more about positions, pay, and benefits! My In game name is DrewKennedy94 Resident.
  8. Hey everyone! I am the Owner of Acadiana Dispatch & Monitoring Services. I have been in EMS and fire for approx. 5 years in real so we focus on the most realistic roleplay possible! We are currently looking for quiet a few people! Don't know anything about First responders or Dispatching? NO PROBLEM!!!!! We will train you its SUPER easy how we set it up!! Please view the list below of openings we have. You can also contact me in world anytime for more questions and info!! OPENINGS: Co Owner Dispatch teacher EMT/Paramedic teacher Fire Academy teacher EMS and Fire personnel Dispatchers We have a few more! If you think you may fit one of this we will train you whenever you are available and get you started!! If you know of a position we might need to improve our response you can give me your ideas also! If you see I am offline please leave me a notecard! If you'd like a tour of the sim please let me know! Hope to see ya'll soon!
  9. Hey everyone I currently own 1/2 sim (14995 prims) I WAS going to do an amusement park. But seems I can't get motivated enough to actually do it...So that being said! I'm looking for someone who is creative and wants to open there very own sim of some sort (Half sim) Can use ALL 14995 prims and I'll pay tier i'd just like something done to it! I am open to ALL ideas!! Please read below the list of requirements! REQUIREMENTS: 1. Must be fairly active preferably someone who plays daily 2. I would like to keep at least 50-75% of all profit made. We can negotiate the percentage. 3.I will remain land owner during the whole thing. That way I can remain paying tier. If you think you'll Qualify please send me your ideas on what you plan or want to build on the 1/2 sim and I'll let you know if I like it!! I'll Help anyway I can Such as purchasing goods and stuff if need be. If you have questions please PM or Notecard me in game. I will likely NOT reply to this Topic.. Thanks a lot! P.S. Sorry for the Forum layout I'm halfway asleep hehe
  10. Hello everyone! I'm currently looking for a Co Owner (no you won't have to pay a dime) to help with ideas! And inputs on an upcoming amusement park I am working on. We need help with figuring out a layout and decorating. It will be a spooky themed Amusement park. Please contact me in game if you're interested I can tell you more there also!! Thanks!
  11. Looking for some help on the creation of an Amusement park. Looking to have active members in the help of building/running the amusement park. You can contact me in game as Drewkennedy94 Resident or comment on this forum and I'll get in touch with you! I will give you some Ideas i have and such! If your interested Please let me know I will send more Info, Ideas, and everything!
  12. Looking for some help on the creation of an Amusement park. Looking to have active members in the help of building/running the amusement park. You can contact me in game as Drewkennedy94 Resident or comment on this forum and I'll get in touch with you! I will give you some Ideas i have and such! If your interested Please let me know I will send more Info, Ideas, and everything!
  13. Hello, We have a upcoming Amusement park coming and would love your help! We are currently working on the layout. We have A Haunted Mansion Carnival Ride which will be opened up very soon and we will have very much more coming. We need people who would love to help out! Below is a list of people we need which you may apply for! We are currently not PAYING but you will get part of any donations. And any expenses you use approved by the owner or management will be reimbursed to you. As we grow we may start paying but right now we are looking for volunteers to help it grow! Help us create a family oriented place for SL! WE NEED: 1. Manager's 2. Event coordinator's 3. Builder's 4. Scripter's 5. Roleplay Employees (Ask for more info on) If you think you have something else to bring to the table please let use know! You can contact DrewKennedy94 Resident by IM or Notecard anytime with questions! Look forward to having you join our team!!
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