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  1. I'm trying to make a sphere that is opaque black on the inside. When I create one however, the inside is transparent. How would I go about making the inside a color? I feel like there is an extremely simple solution to this that I still haven't gotten to >_>
  2. I am attempting to make an overhead timer on an object. It's supposed to work in that as soon as the object is rezzed, the timer will show how many seconds until the object is deleted. I've been able to get it to say the seconds in the chat, but I want it to show as hovertext. Is this possible?
  3. Thanks! It worked like a charm. I have one additional question. How would I go about making a selection screen pop up? That way I can have multiple options?
  4. So, for the past 6 hours I've been attempting to make a "HUD" (just a block on my UI) that will switch my avatar when I click it. I've searched the MP and the wiki for readily made things. I'm very new to LSL but I have some experience with scripting in other languages. What I'm asking is, can anyone tell me how they would be able to get this to work? I don't need some grand overview. Just a few pointers? I'm not aiming for role-play, just to be clear.
  5. Yeah, but that was in July. Before you could not get VCS that way. Also, about the cost, the Poster is referring to addons. Not the cost of VCS. But I'm glad you're also helping people out.
  6. I'm actually glad this thread was revived. The new information was very helpful to me.
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