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  1. Thanks to everybody. I will download audacity and follow the steps ▶️⬆️
  2. I have a melody in mp3 format that I converted to wav format in order to upload it to SL, but it does not leave me, it tells me that the file is not PCM WAVE. I already tried several ways to convert the file and I'm not an expert on the topic. Does anyone know any page or program that converts mp3 files to wav and that SL accepts? Thank you.
  3. I appreciate your response. That was my last option, but I think it's not the best, the edges of the images look very bad with the masking, they are not the soft lines that draw the ends of a hair, but I have no choice
  4. Don't matter. The dpi is useful if you want to print an image. What matter are the pixels: the more you have, the more memory texture consumes and slower the game becomes. It is therefore important to make small images and if it doesn't contain transparency, save it in 24 bits.
  5. Hi! I have some doubts about the textures with transparencies. Mi ontention is to create hair with tufts drawns on a texture, but as they have transparencies, when superimposing some over others, the most common occurs: that they become opaque or become invisible. I have been researching on the web and trying to study the hair that I bought in the market (how they manage to make textures with transparencies overlap without interrupting each ohter), but I can't find those results. Some say that it is due to the viewer, others that it is to use PNG format instead to tga format. It can't be the first because I have many hairs with strands that do not become invisible when overlapping and I don't think it is the format since I use .tga. This is driving me crazy. Whoever has the patience and kindness to explain me, thank you very much.
  6. ¿Alguien más ve el juego así? Desde ayer que no me carga nada, ni siquiera las estrellas y solo me sale un mensaje. Sé que desde ayer está en mantenimiento, pero veo cómo otras personas utilizan SL normalmente.
  7. Está bien. Habrá que esperar
  8. Gracias por responder, también lo uso; pero tiene el esqueleto básico. Me faltó aclarar que quería hacer una animación bento.
  9. Alguien conoce alguna forma de exportar animaciones desde Blender a SL sin tener que utilizar Avastar?. Al exportar como .bvh el visor de SL no lo quiere leer. Gracias.
  10. It worked more than good. I created 2048x2048 image and then converted it to 512x512 tga to export it. The results are perfect! Thanks to all for the help!
  11. Thank you very much for the information. What I do is try the image in a classic avatar and then pass it to my mesh avatar. I've tried 512 and finally 1024, but I always had the same problem. I'll try 256
  12. Greetings. Some time ago I am trying to create makeup for the whole face, that is, with eyeliner, eye shadow, blush and lipstick in a single texture, but when trying it on the avi it looks pixelated, especially the lipstick. I use a 1024x1024 pixel canvas because I do not want the image to be so heavy. But I always see how another creative makeup looks so sharp. I would like to know how they do. Any advice will be welcome. Thank you.
  13. Recently I tried to make a blouse with sagging shoulders and when doing the rig, the shoulders of the shirt sink near the bone. With no other part of the body does this happen to me. I tried to fix it by moving the mesh so that it is over the shoulder, but at the time of uploading the mesh does not count the arrangement I made. Did the same thing happen to someone else? Is there any technique for the shoulder and braces rig?
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