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  1. 4 minutes ago, brodiac90 said:

    If General regions were fit for purpose and actually policed properly then this wouldn't bother me at all. Yesterday I came across a group joiner just out in the open on the road that was advertising an adult group and had nude adult imagery on it. Yes this was in General land. 

    I hope you AR'd it.

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  2. 13 minutes ago, Blush Bravin said:

    Of course I look elsewhere. I personally think those v*jayjays are freaking ugly. But personal opinion. That's not the point .. you said where is all this nudity? I was responding that specific post. You keep responding with that comment as to indicate that it's not all around when it freaking is. I've been in SL for 20 years. I still love being here, but I have my eyes open as well. I'm not trying to spin the convo in one way or another. I'm trying to be objective.

    OH ok I'm lying. I really haven't seen hardly any naked people in M rated land.  Maybe you go to a lot more places than I do but you said shopping and I go to all the shopping events and haven't seen it. Sure the occasional avatar that doesn't rez.  Yes, I have seen the barely dressed huge avatars that have their boobs and butts moving back and forth.  Where I take offense is that you don't think these things should be seen at a shopping event. Why the heck not? Are you the moral shopping police?

    What we could do away with are those animesh babies and pets which only contribute to lag. 

    It's quite possible that It's just not bothersome to me and I don't notice it or I look and go "eh" and move on.  This IS Second Life after all. If you've been here 20 years you should know this.

    If child avatars have a problem with running into nudity then they should stay on G rated land and change into an adult avatar on M rated land.  That way if they run into it then they can simply AR it.

  3. 1 minute ago, Jaylinbridges said:

    At Nude only beaches in M-rated land.  They always have privacy turned on for the naked parcel, and you need to be in the group to enter.  So you won't see them unless you join the Nude beach group, usually for a high fee, to keep out griefers.

    There are a bunch of them, but if you are not into nudity, you would have no reason to know.

    With the new rules, a few on M-regions now require beach clothing as a precaution for adults.  Some only make beach clothing optional. 

    And some make beach clothes optional for Adults, and assume the under 18 will already be covered up.  These owners are violating the new TOS, since no under 18 looking avatars are allowed near naked adults, on a business that advertises as a nude beach, family friendly or not.  I have noticed the prior teens have suddenly aged to 18+.  One suddenly became 26. They grow up fast in SL.


    The only nude beach I"ve been to was SDI and that one women can wearing bathing suits but men must be naked. 

    I didn't go so much for the nude avatars or even adult stuff. I just found that people will actually IM and talk to you at those places and really not sexual IM's either which you'd expect. They are just more outgoing.

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  4. 2 minutes ago, Rowan Amore said:

    Go to the Sabbath event that's on Moderate land.  1/2 the women there had the p*ssy floss and boobs hanging out.  It was rather amusing.

    Thanks! I have a new outing for me and my bestie to go to. We love stuff like that. Well, I do. I usually have to kinda talk her into it but eventually she'll go. LOL

    Do we need to dress like that too? Don't want to feel out of place. ;) I'm sure I have something in my inventory for that. Most likely a freebie from Scandelize.

  5. 5 minutes ago, Blush Bravin said:

    Would you consider it nakedness if a persons full naked v*jayjay is visibly hanging out under a belt masquerading as a skirt? I do.

    It's pretty darn easy if you see that to aim your camera away from it if it gives you so much bother.  Another option is click the tag and choose "derender". You can also click "see friends only"  There are many options available to instantly not see it.

    Take some personal responsibility if it bothers you that much.  The rules say it's allowed and SL isn't going to change it because a few child avatars don't want to see nakie avatars.

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  6. 2 minutes ago, Ayashe Ninetails said:

    I just did! Tho not nekkit entirely. Ummmm, I did see a mature public sandbox in a recent-ish Second Life video with nekkie avies standing around, so I guess that's a thing? I haven't been to a sandbox that isn't Builder's Brewery in a million years, so I can't vouch for the accuracy.

    Thank you! I had to go back and read the chat was going so fast.

    Honestly, I do the same. I've seen some odd things in SL while out. Mind you not naked but a "what were you thinking" odd. 

    I just laugh and go about my business.

    If things like this bother people so much, and I really hate to say this,  BUT maybe this isn't the environment for you. 

    This is not directed at you @Ayashe Ninetails

    You are roleplaying a child. You are NOT a child. You know that SL is made up of things the community creates. Not everyone has the same morals and judgments as you do.  AGAIN, you are NOT a child!!!!

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  7. 3 minutes ago, Blush Bravin said:

    Anyone who has been shopping in SL for more than a couple months should fully expect to see naked avatars at shopping events.

    I think, I could be wrong, but what I take brodiac's argument to be addressing is more specifically the issue of near/complete nakedness as a means of being sexually provocative. 

    Then I must be shopping when all the nakie avatars are sleeping because not ONE time have I seen a naked avatar while shopping in the six years I've been here.

    However, you and @brodiac90seem to see quite a few. This confuses me. 

    Would you like LL to specify what outfits are not near nude? Maybe they should just dictate what each avatar should wear. THAT will go over well. They gave guidelines. Because @brodiac90sees a avatar as provocatively sexual in a skimpy bathing suit does not mean it's against any rule.

  8. 2 minutes ago, Dorientje Woller said:

    If there is only one option, in this case "I Agree", makes every EULA, ToS, Roc or whatever you call it, simply "Null & Void" under the laws of the European Union, because you're denying one party the choice. It's FORBIDDEN to present EULA's, ToS, RoC's and so one without an alternative.

    The alternative is staring you in the face. It's that little X on the right hand top of your screen.

    Also, the company is located in California.  That's probably why it's not FORBIDDEN here.

  9. 2 minutes ago, BilliJo Aldrin said:

    I actually scrolled all the way down to the bottom this time when i logged an alt in. There are like six links you gotta click to read everything.

    Ummm no thanks, check I Agree and log in 😂

    So you basically can't follow any rules that are bothersome? I sure bet you'd read that "You ARE Banned" email though huh?

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  10. 2 hours ago, brodiac90 said:

    The problem for us child avatars, and yes, it is a problem for us, is that public nudity is allowed on M sims for adult avatars. Wearing the skimpiest clothing possible with everything hanging out is already more than what is required for M sims. 

    My biggest issue is inappropriate attire in General sims. However, again, there is no dress code. So long as everything is covered then you meet the rules. An adult could wear a string bikini and still technically be within the rules, if not the spirit. 


    A string bikini is not naked.  

    The only solution I have now is to also ban child avatars from M rated sims too. You can go in an adult avatar to shop but other than that you need to stay on G rated land. Perfect solution for everyone since Child avatars for some reason can't seem to stay away from naked avatars on M rated land, even though I've rarely seen them.  WHERE are all these naked avatars all the Child avatars are seeing. Please point it out to me cause I'd like to see some too!

    Edit: also shame on the region owners for allowing naked avatars and Child avatars entry at the same time.

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  11. 8 hours ago, miranda Sapphire said:

    If LL is going to make us wear modesty layers then why not start enforcing some of it on you adults? Just tonight I went to a well known full perm mesh store that was on a moderate sim and there was a girl standing there with ALL her bits showing. I mean bits from A-Z. Is that fair to us kids that we have to keep covered yet nasty people like that can parade around on sims we ARE allowed on dressed with everything showing? No it's not right;


    Nope, cause everyone should be actual adults.  I think as an adult you can see some bits and not freak out. You are not an actual child.

    If you don't get it by now why they are requiring it now then you never will.  

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  12. 1 hour ago, Zalificent Corvinus said:

    Why do you think our Glorious Leaders, in the fancy chairs at the meeting, were so vague about the deal with MobileLife, why it's currently limited to Plooooose, and why it's "hard" to incorporate the MP, and the Lindex into it., the issue is "How do we dodge the Awful Mac Tax".

    They are vague because so far, they have no real answer to the question. THIS is why I've been opposed to the MobileLife project, as a colossal waste of time, effort, and money, developing something that at best, has NO real benefits worth the cost, and at worst will be actively destructive.

    It's why their previous Awful Mac only text based mobile app got pulled almost as soon as it got approved. Somebody read the fine print and went "Omagerd! 30% of everything we make? That KILLS our profit margin!".

    @Zalificent CorvinusSo when you first started posting more I thought your approach was rude and crass. Most likely because some was probably directed at me. ;)

    What I see now is your posting style is "lay out the whole truth with no sugar on it"  Most of your posts are spot on to what is really going on or what the end game is.  People refuse to see it though.  Some of the posts in this thread are just CRAZY talk but people will refuse to see it and in the end blame it on something else.

    All they can hope for is that you die and can't come back and prove them wrong. *thought about not posting that part but WTH. lol.

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  13. 10 hours ago, Cristiano Midnight said:

    I spent nearly 7 months in the hospital, and during that time, found a way to use the full version of Firestorm with my iPad. I was able to remote into my desktop pc at home and use Firestorm with Splashtop. You install a small program on your pc to be able to connect to it remotely via Splashtop. I was able to add custom touch controls to make it even easier. Splashtop also works on my phone as well. I get the full SL experience without any limitations, even over cellular. The mobile app holds no interest to me. I still use the same setup at home when I am in bed if I want to use SL on my iPad. It works fantastically.


    THIS totally made my year. Thank you for this.  I know that it's just a remote session to your computer but this looks great. I immediately went and DL'd it and set it up.  A couple of questions if you don't mind:

    1. Is that overlay for the controls they one that costs $1.99 a month and is a separate DL?

    2. The resolution on the IPad is too large and some of my content is outside the window. If I move it in closer I can see it but I don't want to have to squish my huds and things to make it show on the IPad. Is there a workaround for this?

    3. What happens if your computer goes down or or your internet needs rebooting. You said you used this in the hospital but I live alone so I assume I'd be SOL if that happened?

    Nevertheless just being able to use my Ipad and go to a club and listen to music in bed without my laptop is HUGE for me.

    9 hours ago, Zalificent Corvinus said:

    Round up the fake IIMVSpew refugees who are actually Anti-SL insurgents associated with the OpenIPTheft Hyperfail Grid, and forcibly repatriate them back to the Peoples Republic of IMVSpew?


    Nailed it!

    8 hours ago, Istelathis said:

    To get a single region in SL, would mean no Hulu, no Prime, no Disney, less food, etc, etc.  If I could afford it, I would because I like Second Life, it is a great platform, it is innovative, the Moles are awesome, I like the Lindens, and hell, it is easy to find noobs to launch into volcanoes.  Plus I like the marketplace, I like that LL takes a role in the servers, I like that they are forward thinking and all of that.

    Now, trying to find stuff to fill that region with is difficult, I don't want to pirate things, there is a lot of content

    No other game/platform charges almost $300 to own virtual land a month.  People complain about a game on steam costing $39.99 and they think that is too much and that game is a buy it once and your done.  If you have to contemplate giving up FOOD in order to afford a virtual playground, then that right there tells me it's WAY too expensive.  Not to mention pretty sad. :(

    As far as the pirating goes in OpenSim, yeah that bothered me a bit BUT I'm not about to try and vet everything that is brought over there.  Whether or not I use it, it is already there and would have no impact at all.  People have been pirating things since the dawn of the internet.  It began with music and movies.  People even risked getting viruses on their computer JUST to do it.


    6 hours ago, Starberry Passion said:

    They put emoji in s.l because of mobile.

    Mobile users use emoji a lot and most likely newer people will probably be younger adult to like 35 year old millennials.

    OH, I can't wait for the younger up to 35 people to come to SL through mobile in droves. *rolls my eyes*  It's not going to happen.  Have you SEEN any other life game out there lately?  Have you seen the mods people make for these games? 

    They are making the mobile app to retain the people they have now, plain and simple.  "ohhh, a shiny new thing. I'd better stay and continue to shovel my hard earned dollars here"

    As far as people predicting that mobile and IPad gaming is the thing of the future REAL gamers know that simply is not true. Sure, casual games such as time wasters are popular but if you want a real gaming experience you will need to have a high end laptop or desktop.

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  14. 14 minutes ago, Love Zhaoying said:

    She said that she's using an iPad Pro (2nd Gen). 


    It just got an update and will be supported for at least another year.  I guess my point is that who is going to be buying a new device just to use SL?  My IPad works perfectly fine with everything and even some graphically heavy apps.  

    People don't even want to spend the money on PC's to run SL. lol....good luck with that.

    I could try it on my Samsung phone but I'm not sure what the app is called in the google store. I looked up test flight but it's not in there and my email from SL is for iOS.

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  15. 2 minutes ago, Innula Zenovka said:

    I think that's the idea, though -- if you can receive and respond to IMs on your phone, you're engaged with SL in a way that you wouldn't be otherwise, and will maybe arrange to meet up with friends later on, on your main machine, when you get home.   

    The mobile viewer is meant to complement the main viewer, not replace it.

    There was already Luminya for that.

    They are spending all this money and cleaning up SL for an app so people can IM each other?

    LOL, Sorry but discord already has that in the bag.

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  16. 18 minutes ago, Love Zhaoying said:

    I find it odd that I have less (apparent) problems than you on my new iPad ("Apple iPad (9th Generation): with A13 Bionic chip, 10.2-inch Retina Display, 64GB, Wi-Fi"), not an iPad Pro. Maybe "iPad (9th Generation)" is newer than "iPad Pro *2nd Gen*"? I don't know anything about iPads.


    14 minutes ago, Daniel Voyager said:

    Im using S24 and S7 tablet. Both run the mobile app well and I have 75mb broadband connection. 

    Well they should probably figure that out.  IF I'm a new user and I log in to the viewer with my IPad which is still supported by Apple. Nothing works...I say "well this sucks" and never pick it up again.

    Great job LL!

  17. 11 minutes ago, Zalificent Corvinus said:

    I've been listening to idiots prattling on about "oh the learning cure is too steep", and it isn't. Just about every game I ever played has more complications that using SL as a non-creator.



    I do have to laugh when people say that SL has a steep learning curve.  I agree that it is not.  Sure if you think that you can just open the viewer and instantly know what to do without reading anything maybe you might have some issues.  Good lord all you have to do is google what you want to do and the instructions come up.

    Steep learning curve - LAZY people.

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  18. 22 minutes ago, Daniel Voyager said:

    It's still early days like the private alpha phrase started in December 2023 and the mobile team have made good progress. It appears the adult regions issue is going delay things into 2024. I have been a tester since January 2024 and yes it's very basic at the moment but the graphics is pretty neat so far. 

    The mobile team have alot on the mobile roadmap currently. I would guess public beta will be towards the end of the summer. 

    I'm not sure what kind of a device you are using but I'm using an IPad Pro *2nd Gen* running the latest OS of 17.5 that was just released.

    I have yet to have my avatar totally rezzed no matter what settings I chose. I can log in and out about 4 times and most of it does end up rendering but parts of my body and my hair. The surroundings never do rez in.  So I'm not sure what "neat" graphics you are seeing!

    I know that the IPad pro is a bit dated but Apple is still supporting it.  If SL thinks that people are going to buy the latest and greatest to run a mobile app that is laughable. 

    My Ipad runs all other apps flawlessly.

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  19. 11 minutes ago, Starberry Passion said:

    So because this happened, Mastercard and Paypal cracked down hard on sexual material, what is second life known for to several people? A sexual platform and what happened recently?

    An outcry about child avatar in sexualized A.P.

    Of course Paypal will say something about that, after it was public and it is removed even more because Apple, since Linden lab wants a phone app

    which I am not against because I want second life to spread and become livelier.

    But all it took was just a few people to cause a public outcry to make changes, in which happened to Second Life because a few bad apples and a mysterious blog that may or may not have been true, but it was seen.

    That was enough.

    First there a more than a "few" bad apples. 

    Second, what is Paypal going to do when people put naked art on their walls on M Rated land and don't lock it down?  That seems more invasive to me.

    Also, it's a mobile app not a just a phone app. A LOT of children have access to tablets more than phones.

  20. 9 minutes ago, Starberry Passion said:

    They did talk about that. They said that they want all adult activities on adult land and not on G or M land.

    In M sims, they don't want it public, they want it invisible, so if you have a home you have to turn on invisibility, if you're just going to walk around your sim naked and be adult.

    They said they will push to make sure adult activities do not show up on the Mobile app and asked people to not mess this up for everyone else, in the process.

    So exactly what it is now.

    I think the bolded part is an odd thing to say. People that want to mess it up don't care. LOL. So if this fails I guess it's OUR fault or the new resident's they are trying to recruit.

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  21. 10 minutes ago, Arwyn Quandry said:

    Personally, I wouldn't, but it's an important question to consider with the mobile viewer. Contrary to what some folks think, teenagers are often very interested in adult content and I wouldn't be surprised if the mobile app brought in more of them, both the kinds signed up with their legit birthdays and the kinds that lie. Dealing with questions of sex in IMs may soon be relevant, especially with how puritanical the app stores are.

    Oh I totally agree. It's very relevant. If in doubt don't do it. Actually I'd say don't do any R rated things including sexy IM's in the mobile app, even on M rated land.   There is no way to tell the real age of a person in IM. That 18 year old...may be 10. *they are very savvy on the mobile apps*

    When I worked for the fruit company most of my calls were to refund money spent in Roblox by children as young as 5 years old.  Not $19.99 here and there but THOUSANDS  of dollars.  

    Again, really just common sense.



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